Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Vote for You!

Remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld?  He made the best soup in town, but if you didn't play by his rules: "NO SOUP FOR YOU!"
America  needs to put the Soup Nazi in charge of voter registration.   People who can't even run their own lives have been given the power to choose our leaders.  Time to put that to an end.
  • Getting some of the bailout cash? No vote for you!
  • Getting unemployment benefits?  No vote for you!
  • On welfare?  No vote for you!
  • You're an ex-felon?  No vote for you!
  • Currently incarcerated?  No vote for you!
  • Can't read your ballot?  No vote for you!
  • Can't understand your ballot?  No vote for you!
  • Need your ballot translated from English into another language?  No vote for you!
  • You aren't a citizen of the United States?  Don't even think about it! 
Let's remember that voting is a privilege, NOT a right.


Smart or Stoopid?  Think fast!

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Soup Nazi


DaBlade said...

Have you ever phoned in a vote for your favorite singer on American Idol?


I guess that shouldn't necessarily be a disqualifier (unless you voted for Sanjaya).

RightKlik said...

Good one!