Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Liberal Hall of Shame

Using sophisticated methods of analysis* and cutting edge scientific instruments, RightKlik has compiled the authoritative list of the very most shameful, disgusting, annoying and despicable liberals in the world.

Some important liberals were excluded (or only made it to the Dishonorable Mention list) because they have faded from the spotlight or are so incompetent in their evil machinations that they have been ostracized from the Democratic party.  Dead liberals were also excluded.

Dishonorable Mention 

Rod Blagojevich, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Keith Olbermann, Bill Clinton, Planned Parenthood, Cindy Sheehan, Jimmy Carter, Arianna Huffington, and Chris Matthews.

Runners up

Maureen Dowd:  Cynical and obnoxious columnist for the New York Times.  In some ways like a liberal Ann Coulter, but not as successful. Influence: 9, Contemptibility Index: 7, Annoyance Level: 99%.

Joe Biden:  They call him the Gaffe-o-Matic, but the biggest problem with his "gaffes" is that they are often based in painful, inconvenient truth.  I have three words for Biden: Shut up!  Influence: 1, Contemptibility Index: 7, Annoyance Level: 75%, ACU Rating: 0.

Chuck Schumer: Windbag of extra-ordinary windiness. Influence: 12, Contemptibility Index: 9, Annoyance Level: 98%, ACU Rating: 0.

Dennis Kucinich:  He's an idiot who publically professes his belief in UFOs, and he's a bit to the left Perez Hilton, but he's funny and not very annoying, so he's only on the runners up list.  Influence: 2, Contemptibility Index: 2, Annoyance Level: 55%, ACU Rating: 4.

Liberal Hall of Shame

10)  Rep. John Murtha (Pennsylvania): Murtha abides by a very prudent principleif he doesn't have anything derogatory to say, he doesn't say anything at all.  As a clever politician and consummate professional, his most incendiary remarks are about his own constituents, e.g., "There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area."  Influence: 10, Contemptibility Index: 10, Annoyance level: 99%, ACU Rating: 8.

9)  Al Franken:  an immature, profane, and obnoxious jerk who gets off on grinding on people's nerves.  Now he's one sneeze away from becoming a Senator. Influence: 10, Contemptibility Index: 10, Annoyance Level: 100%.

8)  Tom Daschle: Senate Majority Leader for thirteen days, Tom Daschle was eventually sent back home to South Dakota after he became known as the "chief obstructionist".  Now that he's your health care czar and government-run health care is a virtual inevitability, Tom Daschle will be making decisions about everything from your pap smear and your prostate exam to your neurosurgeon and your MRI.  Influence: 14, Contemptibility Index: 8, Annoyance level: 99%, ACU Rating: 16.

7)  Michael Moore: Fat slob, liar, creep.  Influence: 12, Contemptibility Index: 10, Annoyance level: 100%

6)  Harry Reid:  Senate majority leader and the voice of reason and sunny optimism, Harry Reid is never distracted by thoughts about the long term (like next week).  Harry speaking about the surge in Iraq: "I believe...that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week."  Harry speaking about the delay in coming up with an auto bailout bill: "I dread looking at Wall Street tomorrow. It's not going to be a pleasant sight."  [emphais mine] Influence: 17, Contemptibility Index: 8, Annoyance level: 94%, ACU Rating: 0.

5)  Barney Frank:  Still an influential member of Congress despite the fact that while serving in Congress, he paid $80 for sex with Steve Gobie, a man who eventually shacked up with Barney and brought clients into Barney's apartment.  Not content to live the quiet life of a simple whoremonger, Barney has positioned himself to become one of the most dangerous congressmen of all time. Barney is at the center of our current economic implosionin factBarney's fingerprints are all over the financial fiasco.  Influence: 15, Contemptibility Index: 10, Annoyance level: 90%, ACU Rating: 0.

4)  Nancy Pelosi:  San Fran Nan has been such a horrible Speaker of the House that she has led the Democratic Congress to its lowest approval rating in HISTORY. Influence: 18, Contemptibility Index: 9, Annoyance level: 96%, ACU Rating 0.

3)  Hillary Clinton:  Soon to be fourth in the presidential line of succession, Hillary is the nightmare that won't end.  Influence: 18, Contemptibility Index: 9, Annoyance level: 99%, ACU Rating: 0.

2)  George Soros:  The puppet master of the Democratic Party, Soros represents all that is evil in the world of evil leftists.  He's the liberal billionaire equivalent of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney rolled into one inconspicuous but extremely evil package.  Influence: 20, Contemptibility Index: 9, Annoyance level 60%.

1)  Barack Obama:  Soon to be crowned the Global King of All Liberals, Obama is a deadly combination of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and FDR.  Influence: 20, Contemptibility Index: 6, Annoyance level: 95%, ACU Rating: 7.

*Liberal Shame was calculated using the following formula, where is shame, i is influence, A is annoyance level, r is ACU Rating, and c is the contemptibility index:

Reference Ranges: influence (1-20 units), annoyance level (0-100%), contemptibility index (0-10 units), ACU ratingwhere applicable (0-100)   


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cube said...

Yep and, with a few exceptions, Americans voted them into office. I find that appalling.

Humble wife said...

I am ashamed of the Biden stand up gaffe to Chuck Graham.

Won't change~as history books are written with rose Liberal glasses. Somewhere some blogger deep within the world wide web, wrote that Biden asked the man to stand because Bush told him that he was not really in a wheelchair.

Humble wife said...

BTW- I am now printing your post to mail to my son in Army. He requested to be kept up on the happenings and the news. You do both and add some humor...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Haha great post!

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

RightKlik said...

Cube: Voters aren't paying attention. So now we have the government we deserve.

HW: I'm flattered. Thanks to you and your son for your sacrifices.

CH: Thanks.

DaBlade said...

A most bodacious list! And Michael Moore, my favorite lib I love to hate from my hometown made your list.

robert verdi said...

I would add Henry Waxman

RightKlik said...

Waxman is definitely a good choice.