Sunday, March 4, 2012

Left Wing Thought Police Win: Limbaugh Under Brutal Attack

Rush Limbaugh is under attack for mocking the Democrats' newest spokesslut, Sandra Fluke. A role model for upscale sluts all over America, Sandra Fluke wants more government in her bedroom and more government in your wallet.

Under pressure from the Democrat mob, advertisers and Republicans, Limbaugh was forced to apologize for accurately characterizing Sandra Fluke as a greedy slut.

A number of companies are pulling their advertising from the Rush Limbaugh radio show under pressure from left wing extremists who think conservatives don't have the right to speak:

Even if you believe that the word "slut" is a bit too harsh for a woman who wants government to force taxpayers and Christian institutions to pay for her abortions and sex accessories, do you think progressive extremists should be allowed to silence conservatives?

Do you think that these advertisers should penalize conservative satire while subsidizing progressive hate speech?

This hurts conservatives. It could have a chilling effect on conservative debate and conservative satire.

Left wing extremists will continue to abuse this tactic until we push back hard enough to make it stop.

Circle the wagons.

*DON'T FORGET: The economy is still in the toilet, gas prices are surging, and unemployment is still through the roof. The condom wars were engineered to distract us from Obama's failures.

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