Saturday, March 3, 2012


Unlike many of my blogger friends, I never had the good fortune to meet or speak with Andrew Breitbart, but like everyone else in the conservative blogosphere, I enjoyed a big boost from his life's work.

One of the biggest stories ever broken here at RightKlik, the story of Think Progress's fraudulent anti-Tea Party video, got the attention it deserved only because it was amplified at one of Breitbart's mega websites, Big Government, via Bob Owens.

From there, the story spread like a virus, giving this humble blogger exposure at the New York Times, PJ Media, the Washington Times and at a host of great conservative blogs.

I'm disturbed by the fact that Breitbart died at such a young age. He should have lived another 40 years, at least.

Condolences to Andrew Breitbart's family.

UPDATE: (via Adrienne)

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