Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rand Paul on The Offensive

If this is what the next six years of Rand Paul will be like, I'm looking forward to it:

Up to this point I've been cautious about stating support for Rand Paul, but this exchange with Eliot Spitzer raises my level of confidence. He brilliantly deflected an attempted attack on his personal financial success by directing attention to Spitzer's personal failure, and he ended the interview with a long-overdue critique of liberal activism in journalism.

Good job, Rand.

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Anonymous said...

And the left is posting this (or not) and saying Spitzer proved Rand had no plans to cut the budget. Saying over and over 'you give no specifics' while the other guy lists specific after specific isn't very persuasive.

And yeah, I loved the end!

DaBlade said...

Rand is growing on me too. He owned ES this entire interview. "...your personal agenda is getting in the way of making you a good broadcaster." Pure gold.

Louis de Pitera said...

Deflect what!! Paul couldn't answer any qustion. He was a complete embarrassment and showed his lack of knowledge on all economic issues.

RightKlik said...

@Louis de Pitera

Client #9 wanted to frame the issue of budget cuts as an assault on Kentucky voters. Paul wasn't willing to play that game.