Monday, November 1, 2010

Predict Correctly and Win a Prize

How many seats will Republicans win in the U.S. House of Representatives? Vote below! Leave your prediction in the comment section if you would like to be glorified and immortalized in a follow up post on Wednesday morning. Throw in a prediction for the Senate if you're feeling especially clairvoyant. Winner(s) will be rewarded with a giant, incredibly conspicuous link to their favorite URL (e.g., your blog, your Facebook page, your favorite charity).

Good luck!

Poll closes at 7:00 p.m. Eastern on 11/2/10.

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Prediction? Pain:

Hat tip: Allah


Just a conservative girl said...

58 in the house, 8 in the senate.

RightKlik said...

From the polldaddy comments:

The consensus amongst the pros seems to be 50-60 House seats. My gut tells me it is going to be 60 to 70 seats. I might be overly optimistic. We shall see in about 30 hours. For the Senate I am going to predict a 9-10 seat gain. Our Senate race here in Washington is so close though that it is difficult to make a call.
Posted by Mike ( on November 1st 2010

Mark Adams said...

Been following all these campaigns for about 2 weeks.
62 in the House
8 in the Senate (god I hope it's 10) :)

RightKlik said...


Thanks for putting in a predition.

RightKlik said...

@MA Thanks for the prediction. I think 10 in the Senate is within reach. Wouldn't have said so 2 days ago, but the momentum is still building.

Matthew Newman said...

+65 House swing - Surprises include MD-05 Hoyer loss to Lollar; HI-01 Djou holding on; MA-04 Bielat over Frank. Dennis gets within single digits of Pelosi.

+8 Senate swing - Republicans will pick up ND, AR, IL, IN, WI, PA, CO, NV, WA. Manchin and Boxer win. Miller wins in AK-SEN by 7-8% margin. BONUS PREDICTION: Manchin becomes Zell Miller v2.0 within a year after being disillusioned with DC Democrats. He's not a liberal and seems too stuck in his ways to be turned into one.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi RK:
I'm not good at predicting, so I'll just say that I'm confident the House is won.
I just wanted to say "thank you" for your hard work during this campaign. You gave many unknown conservative candidates a place to gain notoriety and, I'm sure, many votes. Congratulations on a job well done.

LibertyAtStake said...

70. Plus or minus zero.
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

RightKlik said...

Great predictions MN. Lollar, Bielat... sweet. Hope you're right.

John Carey said...

72 in the House, 9 in the Senate. Those not sure will break late for Republicans. Love the video.

Aurelius said...

67 House, 8 Senate

Diogenes Sarcastica said...

58 House seats, 8 Senate seats.

But we would know for awhile, voter fraud and disputed results because dems just won't accept the have been rejected.

DaBlade said...

The correct answer is 65 and 10. Final answer.

RightKlik said...

A strong consensus for a result in the mid 60s emerging. Cool! Keep the predictions coming :)


DaBlade said...

RK! You missed me? Returned to Michigan from Wisconsin 2 weeks ago and have finally left the newspaper biz in the dust for good (This time it was my idea). Hope to be back on my feet soon. Today should help in that endeavor.

TheLastAsylum said...

I apologize if this posts twice, but my first post did not show up.

The Rossi-Murray Senate race here in Washington State is still dead even. This could be the deciding race for control of the Senate.

Unfortunately King County (Seattle) is notorious for "finding" enough ballots to tip an election to the Democrat, so I am always weary when a race is dead even on election day.

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: Guess the newspaper biz is almost dead.

Hey, you're the Norm Peterson of this blog!