Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Updates: Rubio Wins, Grayson Loses, Nikki Haley Wins, Feingold Loses, West Wins, Ellmers Wins

Final thoughts:

With 60+ losses for the Democratic party in the House and 6+ losses for the Dems in the Senate, I'd say it was a pretty good night for Obama's enemies. However...

The MSM and milquetoast Republicans would like to blame the Tea Party movement for the GOP's failure to reclaim the Senate (as if the GOP ever had a good chance). Reminder: In the 2006 and 2008 elections, the GOP lost control of the House, the Senate and the White House without any help from the Tea Party. Last night, in the wake of the lightning speed of the Tea Party movement's influence, the GOP made respectable gains in the Senate and bounced all the way back from its cumulative four-year losses in the House ― and yet somehow we're supposed to believe the Tea Party is getting in the way?

Taking the past decade into consideration, the Republican Party really has no business blaming anyone other than itself for its current problems.

Update: The conservative movement is back & growing

BTW, this was the biggest midterm "wave election" since 1938! This was a tsunami.

Election updates...
  • Congratulations, Chip Cravaak! Oberstar out.
  • Congratulations, Bobby Schilling! Phil Hare out.
  • Mark Kirk wins... Cap and Tax RINO gets a promotion!
  • Vicky Hartzler wins, Ike Skelton loses!
  • AZ-7: Ruth McClung 47.6%, Raul Grijalva 46.9%... 14.6% reporting
  • Renee Ellmers wins! Defeats Bob "Headlock" Etheridge.
  • Racist Teabaggers Elect Allen West, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott & Marco Rubio
  • 10:45 p.m. Congratulations Nikki Haley!
  • 10:42 p.m. Mike Lee wins in Utah.
  • Scott Walker and Ron Johnson win in WI.
  • NC-2: Renee Ellmers (R): 49.3%, Bob Etheridge (iD): 49.0%... 65.6% reporting
  • 9:37 p.m. George Soros Hickenlooper running away with it in CO: 57.8% with 4.5% reporting.
  • MD-1: Harris (R) 50.9%, Kratovil (iD) 45.8%... 5.8% reporting
  • MD-5: Lollar (R) 52.6%, Hoyer (iD) 46.1%... 10.7% reporting
  • An interesting Anna Little lead in NJ-6. 50.7-47.9
  • Early, but whoa! MO-5: Turk (R) 2,199, Cleaver (iD) 1,536
  • @michellemalkin: SWEET: Daniel Webster boots MSNBC host-to-be Alan Grayson.
  • LegInsurrection: Obama works his magic, Perriello loses #VA05
  • TX-25 (Austin): Dr. Donna Campbell (R) 71.4%, Doggett (iD) 27.9%
  • Early results: Canseco (R) 50%, Rodriguez (iD) 46.1%
  • GA 12; early returns have Rep John Barrow (D-GA) down 54-46%
  • WTH! SC-Gov: Haley 40.3, Sheheen 58.5 (early results)
  • 22% in Florida Governor's race and Rick Scott (R) leads Alex Sink (D) 51-45%
  • NC-11, Asheville: Miller (R) 55%, Shuler (incumbent D) 44%
  • GA-2 Keown 56%, Bishop (incumbent dem) 44%
  • cwgarrett:Fox calls Blunt for Senate for Missouri
  • cwgarrett:Fox calls Mikulski, Ayotte, Shelby all as expected for Senate.
  • cwgarrett: Fox calls Rubio for Florida Senate on their web page
  • In Florida, Republican Dan Webster is up big over Alan Grayson (D) 63-29% with 6% of the vote in
  • 7:31 From @michellemalkin via twitter: Fox calls OH Senate for Repub Rob Portman

7:27 From Michelle Malkin:
Arkansas: Boozman (R) defeats Lincoln (D) Ohio: Portman (R) defeats Fisher (D) North Dakota: Hoeven (R) defeats Potter (D) Wisconsin: Johnson (R) defeats Feingold (D)
  • WHDH-TV (Boston's NBC affiliate) is reporting that Barney Frank's camp is "worried."
  • SeanBielat: Continue to hear words like: "wave", "tsunami", "miracle" & "Reagan Democrat" from across MA
  • MissElizabeth: Yay ballot cast! *middle finger to Harry Reid*
  • SissyWillis: @KingShamus I can see #MarcoRubio's presidency from my front porch. @Cubachi
  • SissyWillis: Tea for Three: Coates, Paul, DeMint Win Senate Seats...
  • Democrats Already Taking Legal Action
  • 7:01 criticalnarrative: Fox projects Rand Paul
  • 7:00 Legal Insurrection Blog: Fox projects Coates in Indiana
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Fuzzy Slippers said...

Biggest wave election, then, since . . the Great Depression. heh

DaBlade said...

I love them all listed together like that. It gives me warm and fuzzies!

TheLastAsylum said...

Great election night. We are still waiting on the Senate results here in Washington State. Murray and Rossi are still dead even at 50% each. I know the outcome of this race will not change control of the Senate, but knocking off Patty Murray would be icing on last night's cake.