Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help Renee Ellmers Now!

Renee Ellmers needs your!
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Answer via The Other McCain:
That the GOP won the House is some kind of miracle, considering the total ineptitude of Pete Sessions and his crew of bumbling dingbats at the NRCC. Renee Ellmers beat Bob Etheridge in North Carolina. Now the Democrat is asking for a recount and Ellmers has gone public with the fact that the NRCC is MIA:
Months ago, I went to Washington and asked the National Republican Congressional Committee and many conservative leaders to help my campaign. Many conservative groups – like the Susan B. Anthony List, Concerned Women of America, Freedom Works, and Sarah Palin’s Sarah PAC all helped, but the NRCC declined. Later, they did support other campaigns in North Carolina – which, unfortunately, lost – but we never received their support. In fact, their spokesman told the press “that the campaign wasn’t ready for prime time” – which actually made it even harder for us to raise money. So, I am doubtful we will get support from the NRCC to help with the expense of the recount.
Read the rest of McCain's brutal but spot-on analysis.

Is the Ellmers strategy part of the GOP's supposedly-brilliant comeback plan, suspiciously lauded by the New York Times?

I just sent Renee $25. Please send what you can.

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The Conservative Lady said...

Congrats to everyone on the great success of TBF.
RK, I wanted to let you know that "Not One Red Cent" has mentioned TBF in a post supporting Renee Ellmers' recount donations. I am going to link to his post and yours with the hopes of spreading the word for Ms. Ellmers. I donated earlier today.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for the link! Thanks for your very hard work in the TBF effort!