Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why I'm Voting Democrat

Because I voted Republican for all those years before I died ~ cprater

Because all your freedoms and liberties ARE BELONG TO US ~ crabbycon

Because broadband is a human right ~ conservativela

Because my mother ceased my allowance and told me to get a job. Only the power of Obama can stop her madness ~ spiritofmadison

Because if I don't, the teacher will press a red button and I'll explode ~ exjon

Because I've always wanted to experience the great depression first hand ~ raging_red

Because Barbara Boxer worked so hard for her title, I just can't stand to see her lose it ~ jeffchesnut1

Because every American city can be like Detroit ~ jeromeehudson

I'm too lazy to do my own stealing. ~ iowahawkblog

I'm too lazy to move to Europe. ~ imao_

I want to see where exactly Obama is going with all this. It's even more mystifying than Lost! ~ imao_

DYING for the neighbor to redistribute his wife ~ stephenkruiser

Because my racist boss only pays me $23 an hour as an illegal maid ~ msbs05

Because Paul is entitled to Peter's money ~ adamsbaldwin

It's not fair that people with jobs have more money than I do. ~ radishthegreat

Because the Soviet Union would have worked with the right people in charge & we're going to prove it ~ johnhawkinsrwn

Who else is compassionate enough to make sure everyone has a chance at poverty? ~djsmuzz

Because global warming is more important than science ~ grivno

Because I'll be called racist if I don't ~ infidelsarecool

Because history is littered with examples of how well socialism has worked ~ alinskydefeater

Because blaming rich people is so much easier than personal responsibility ~ mlmelear

Because I get my news from the Daily Show ~ stix1972

Because paying over 40% of your income to the gov is okay but making a 3% profit is pure evil ~ diggrbiii

Because "at some point I think you've made enough money" ~ jeromeehudson

Because "I don't want my daughters to be punished with a baby" ~ jeromeehudson

Because those who create wealth should be punished for their wrongdoing ~ entropy156

I never did like incandescant light bulbs ~ resisttyranny

Because I'm not here legally ~ thomasgs

Everything wrong in my life is someone else's fault ~ soopertrev

Because I keep blaming Bush for the mess we're in but can't explain what he did to get us here ~ diggrbiii

Because we must never return to the Bush-Cheney nightmare of debt, war, and 7% unemployment ~ iowahawkblog

Because somewhere someone is making a profit. Damn it. ~ irishspy

Because it's illegal for me to steal your money myself ~ emile_husson

More reasons to vote for Democrats...

Because "any good mother would put a pillow over a severly suffering child" ~ jascharl

Because of the two intense-looking fellows with batons standing outside my precinct ~ bostonrandy

Because I find it very easy to be compassionate with other people's money ~ sasimmons

Why real Democrats are voting for Democrats:

Because this country's debt is "a myth" ~ Phil Hare

Because I wanna see the RACIST tea party folks suffer ~ mrdaveyd

Because masturbation is awesome ~ disgrasian

Because fascism is just another word for everything left to lose ~ shoq

I Don't thing [sic] My Fellow Americans are Lazy Welfare Bums ~ thenewdeal

Because Tea Partiers can't spell ~ disgrasian

Because the Other 98% of Us need Representation too ~ thenewdeal

Republicans would rather see America fail than Barack Obama be successful. Put Country first. ~ jskcknit

Because I haven't given up on Barack and I never thought he could walk on water ~ uncommonrecords

Fear is a Weapon of Mass Destruction ~ thenewdeal

Because hypocritical judgmental self-righteous teabaggers only accept an unwed teenage mom if her last name is Palin ~ luchialuchia

Bush Tax Cuts Cost Twice as Much as Health Care Reform ~ audnumber [Ed. Q: Where does the government get the money that it "spends" on tax cuts?]

For me, its a desire to keep up the change we fought so hard for in 08 ~ saralang

I didn't make more than $250,000 last year ~ sarahpalinshand

I think it's what Jesus would do ~ newtwittier

Because THIS level of achievement hasn't occurred for several generations ~ karoli

Why are you voting Democrat?

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Proof said...

Too funny!

LibertyAtStake said...

whew! For a second I thought you were serious!

Just a conservative girl said...

I saw something like this on twitter. Too funny.

I am voting democrat because Mexicans need a job.

Mark Adams said...

You had me worried for a moment when I saw that headline there, RK! :)

RightKlik said...

Yeah, when I start talking about voting for any Democrat seriously, you'll know I'm in a mental institution.

John Rose said...

This was one of the best lists ever!!

Matt said...

Very funny. I can't come up with anything that would worth of the list you made.

Nickie Goomba said...

Absolutely perfect.

Vote for liberty in November.

Anonymous said...

Because I haven't received my check yet.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great list, RK. Wish I could think of a good one to add to it.