Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: Winner's Circle

A short but very sweet "Ten Buck Fridays" poll ― short because we're starting on Tuesday, but sweet because it's a winner's circle this week. All of the candidates featured in this week's poll have won in previous TBF polls. Many were considered to be underdogs early in the election season, but now they're much more competitive. All of these candidates need our help...

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Poll closes at 7:00 A.M. Eastern on Friday, October 8

The TBF poll in a nutshell: This is a poll designed to promote rising conservative stars. At the end of the week, the winner will be promoted by a nationwide network of over 80 conservative blogs and will receive a flurry of contributions from patriots across the country.

*Note: Vote only once. Duplicate votes WILL BE DELETED. This is not a contest to determine who can click on a mouse the most. Poll results can fluctuate as a result of mass cheating if large numbers of illegitimate votes need to be deleted. To minimize confusion, please vote from home if possible.

Candidate information...

Sharron Angle (NV-Sen)
  • Sharron Angle now leads Harry Reid
  • Angle is the REAL deal... "a real grassroots outsider" who hates the GOP establishment.
  • Nevada's Largest Newspaper Endorses Angle
Renee Ellmers (NC-02)
Stephen Broden (TX-30)
Donna Campbell (TX-25)
Chip Cravaack (MN-08)
Joel Demos (MN-05)
Jesse Kelly (AZ-08)
B.J. Lawson (NC-04)
Anna Little (NJ-06)
Ilario Pantano (NC-07)

Very good reference: The Top 50 Races YOU Can Help to Win.

Check this out too: http://www.40seats.com/


mnrobot said...

Hey RK, don't forget the poll share scripts and such. :)

RightKlik said...

Thanks for the reminder... I'll have the remaining items completed in the AM!

Anonymous said...

OK... I have my $10.

Lilac Sunday said...

I can't get the poll script to work, I'm just going to announce the new poll and direct folks to your blog to vote.

Lilac Sunday said...

Never mind what I said. The script works fine.

facethetruth said...

I am a supporter of Pastor Broden but will happily donate to Chip after listening to his interviews. Thank you good people of MN for helping our country !