Sunday, October 10, 2010

TBF Congratulates Joel Demos!

Joel Demos won the TBF "Winner's Circle" Poll. All of the candidates featured in the poll were winners in previous TBF polls.

Joel Demos is not a trust fund baby or a billionaire tycoon. He's a regular guy who works hard to bring home the bacon for his young family. But Demos knows that regular folks can no longer afford to count on the Federal Government to act in the best interests of American families. We all have to get more actively involved.

Not one to shy away from an enormous challenge, Demos is running for congress against a well-financed liberal in one of the bluest districts in the U.S.A. But Demos knows what's at stake this year, and he'd drag a truck across the country with a chain if that's what he needed to do to try to save this country for the next generation.

If we help courageous candidates like Joel Demos, future generations of Americans might be able to realize the American dream:

Demos is by all accounts just as hard working as a campaigner as he is as a family man. Ed Morrissey explains...
If elections hinged on cutting to the heart of the biggest issue in the US with clarity and brevity, as well as wit and humor, Joel Demos would win Minnesota’s 5th CD seat in a landslide. While Keith Ellison and the Democrats in Congress demand more spending, more debt, and more taxes, Demos reminds us exactly who will foot the bill for our profligate and self-absorbed policies in the long run. In his latest campaign ad, Demos tells us why he’s running in an almost-impossible race — and reminds us why it matters...

...This may be a tough race for Joel to win, but no one can say that Joel didn’t put everything he has into fighting for it, and no one in MN-05 can say that they weren’t given a clear choice on November 2nd.
TBF is proud to help introduce Joel to conservatives all over the country, and we look forward to his victory in November. If you can, please send some cash to Joel Demos!

Giving money to hard-working conservative candidates feels good. I know, because I do it every week! I just sent $10 to Joel Demos; now it's your turn:

Donate to Joel Demos here.
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Anonymous said...

Is there a new poll, yet?

RightKlik said...

Will be posting one this evening.