Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown...the Senator from TCOT?

We let the socialist Democrats win a 60 seat majority in the Senate. As a result, the Dems were poised to seize control of the private health care system in this country. Then an obscure politician from Massachusetts beat the overwhelming odds and took the Kennedy seat away from the Democrats.

Now we have a pretty good chance of killing ObamaCare. Conservatives should be eternally grateful for what happened in Massachusetts in January ― but some are irate because Scott Brown has bucked his party and sided with Democrats on a lousy package of tax cuts and porky spending.

I really don't understand how anyone can be surprised by this. Scott Brown was elected to serve and represent the people of Massachusetts...not the top conservatives on Twitter.

Don't get me wrong. I'd like to fill the Senate with Jim DeMint and 99 DeMint clones. But let's stay grounded in reality...

As far as I'm concerned, Scott Brown is a real leader. I'm not going to agree with him all the time, but he scored a big win in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts on a pro-waterboarding, pro-Gitmo, anti-ObamaCare, anti-amnesty, pro-gun platform while emphasizing fiscal sanity.

That's leadership.

Anyone who can successfully lead their constituents in a rightward direction will get my support. So far, Scott Brown done quite well in that regard. In fact, I'm quite sure Brown is as good a politician as we’ll ever get from Massachusetts. But we shouldn’t expect the guy to vote like Jim DeMint.

When GOPers from states like SC, AZ and AK vote the way Scott Brown inevitably will, I’m very disappointed. But Scott Brown is voting from “Teddy's Seat.” Let's give him a break.

*TCOT = Top Conservatives on Twitter


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The Red State Republicans are the ones who deserve your wrath: Alexander, Bond, Burr, Cochran, Hatch, Inhofe, Murkowski and Wicker.

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Proof said...

Far too early to be counting Brown out. And even if he isn't perfect, he's still head, shoulders and belly button above his last opponent!

The Conservative Lady said...

I can see your point. But it is disappointing that Brown ran on fiscal responsibility, then voted for this gigantic spending bill. Kind of hypocritical.
I hope he sticks to his guns with ObamaCare.

Z said...

I'm with you, RK....we couldn't expect much from Mass. but we got a HUGE change and I'm thinking he might have paid back his political debts by supporting McCain in AZ and then voting for this bill.

Let's see what's next...

RightKlik said...

Proof: Absolutely. Maybe if we can convince the people of AZ to kick McCain to the curb, we can force Brown to look for a better mentor.

TCL: I would be disappointed too, but I knew this would happen sooner or later. He's a New England Republican. I'm actually glad it happened so soon. This gives him time to correct course. Sounds like his constituents have given him an earful:

Scott Explains Vote | WRKO

Brown only has two years to prove himself before facing election again. He will have to be very careful to find the right balance.

Z: All this talk of bipartisanship is coming straight from Brown's bestest new buddy, McRINO from AZ. If we could defeat McRINO in the primary, Brown might see things in a different light.

Sober Sentinel said...

Personally, Z, I'd rather see him be mentored by McCain than by Olympia Snowe (a fellow New-Englander)! I've been far more outraged by her far more often than I have by McCain!

That said, I do think we need to keep an eye on Brown.

DaBlade said...

An excellent dissertation. Good enough for "Taxachusetts " :) but not the White House.

RightKlik said...

SS: Great point. Not enough to get candidates elected. Need to stand over their shoulders after the election.

DaBlade: Thanks. I agree. Wouldn't want Brown in the White House.