Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Mob Speaks

Today's best links from the Mom & Pop bloggers of the conservosphere...

Adrienne's Corner: Radon, DDT, etc., etc. Adrienne reflects on the doomsday drama of recent decades.

Doctor Zero: The Green Death. Who is the worst killer in the long, ugly history of war and extermination? Hitler? Stalin? Pol Pot? Not even close.

Left Coast Rebel: Keith Olbermann (of the "indelibly white" MSNBC) can see into your soul. LCR has the latest.

Bungalow Bill: Obama's Budget...“it could mean the end of America as we know it.”

geeeeeZ! Who's head should roll first? Rahm? Axelrod? Gibbs?

Jumping in Pools: Joe the Plumber becomes Joe the Bummer.

Right Cost Girl: They voted for Obama, but they're not idiots... Just 6% of Americans believe the $787 “stimulus” boondoggle created any jobs.

Founding Principles: The taxpayer gets very little return on investment for money spent on the wealthy?


nacilbupera said...

Welcome Back, RK!!!

Adrienne said...

Hey - welcome back!

I didn't even realize you were back until my hubby came rushing in to tell me you had linked to me (and I thank you)

Hope you're doing ok. I can be pretty peaceful to be away for awhile.

My other little doggie died last Sunday, so now I'm "dogless." She was quite old and went downhill rapidly after Elle died.

We buried her yesterday and placed Elle's ashes in her little coffin.

Adrienne said...

It can...

I really need to go to bed!

RightKlik said...

nacilbupera: Thank you.

Adrienne: A break can be very helpful. Political punditry can get bogged down in some incredibly petty stories.

I should be thanking you for all the links!

Matthew Avitabile said...

Thanks for the link!

the malcontent said...

Welcome back, you were missed.
And you started off blogging with a great idea.

My 2 cents would be about the Dick Cheney/Joe Biden debate.. It's bad enough to be as morally, intellectually, and ethically bankrupt as the average Illiberal/Regressive but to be completely stupid and wrong about the simplest matters, as they are, is inexcusable. Libs are thin skinned weaklings, much like Obama. They can dish it out but can't take it.
It's really funny to listen to the Left in America whine about Cheney's criticism of Obama's foreign policy. They conveniently overlook the fact that the Bush Administration was forced to deal with the consequences of eight years of the Clinton administration's appeasement of tyrannical regimes such as N. Korea, its refusal to forcefully confront Saddam Hussein's ongoing defiance of the U.N. and Clinton's total neglect of the growing Al Qaeda terrorist threat. After Sept. 11, the Left engaged in constant criticism of most all of the Bush Administration's attempts to defeat Al Qaeda and rein in rogue regimes in N. Korea, Iraq and Iran and they did everything in their power to undermine Bush's position both at home and abroad. So for the Left to now find Cheney's refusal to sit back quietly and let them continue to slander him and Bush unseemly and "unpatriotic" is at best hypocritical, especially in light of the fact that Obama has continued to follow many of the policies implemented by the Bush Administration in its fight against terrorism.

RightKlik said...

Matthew Avitabile: Thanks for the post.

the malcontent: Thank you.