Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunlight and Simplicity

Much of the anger generated by ObamaCare was a result of the Democrats’ cowardly attempts to sneak it past the voters. The legislation was unnecessarily complex and unnecessarily lengthy. Bad ideas were buried in intentionally mysterious language. Key votes were held at night, on weekends and on Christmas Eve.

Unless Congress is dealing with some national security crisis or natural disaster, is there any excuse for voting at odd hours?

No more attempts to pass bad bills while America sleeps! It’s time to rise up and stop this sort of nonsense.

Here are some suggested reforms for sunlight and simplicity in Congress:
  • No late night votes on non-emergent legislation (Vote 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday only).
  • No weekend votes on non-emergent legislation.
  • No holiday votes on non-emergent legislation.
  • No changes in the congressional schedule for non-emergent legislation.
  • All congressional activity should be broadcast online on a government website. No closed-door sessions of any kind unless it would be a threat to national security to make a meeting public.
  • Every non-emergent bill, in its final form, is to be made public 10 BUSINESS days before any vote can be taken.
  • Limit legislation to 250 pages (or some other reasonable number).
The era of stealth legislation needs to come to an abrupt end. In this era of broadband internet access and social media, there are no more excuses for opaque government.


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Anonymous said...

Typical progressive tactics, getting an obvious socialist and un-Constitutional bill while Americans sleep in the middle of the night.

Because they known it will not stand the test of light.

Proof said...

Too simple, RK! Next thing you'll be asking for a government of the people, by the people and for the people!

The Watcher said...

Wholehearted agreement from this quarter, RK, but you know doing these things would blow the lid off the libs' opacity ... erm, transparency thing. One other question: did you mean to say 'emergent', or did you mean 'emergency'?

Anonymous said...

The Goomba News Network will certainly sign on to this one.

Amusing Bunni said...

These are excellent ideas, Right Klik. Of course obummer will never do it. He likes the mushroom way. Keep them in the dark and throw alot of Sh$T on them ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah how sweet it is to read a blog that makes sense, as this one does and as you do.

Citizen68 said...

Great ideas, all! Trouble is we have a government that is going to govern at us, not govern for us. Obama and his Socialist of the House have no idea what a constituent is. Good stuff RightKlik.