Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Torches and Pitchforks

We thought they were sheeple, but they're not! Finally, some irrefutable signs of intelligent life in the political world:

Distorting, but no longer ignoring, the MSM reports on conservative protests.


New York Times: Health Plan Opponents Make Voices Heard

Outrage in the Heartland! Congress feels heat!

Fired up! Senator gets more than an earful at healthcare townhall meeting.

Texas Congressman (D) taking extreme heat on ObamaCare

LEGAL immigrant disgusted with Obamacare

Demokrat Senator says your voice doesn't count for much, your outrage doesn't prove anything. Time to get LOUDER!

Sen. DeMint On Greta: People Are “Panicked” About Obamacare

58% of the lowest-income Americans think they get good or excellent healthcare; why should we upend the entire system?

Let there be no mistake: Government-run healthcare IS the Democrats' goal

Even the AP admits it: Obama's health care numbers don't add up!

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robert verdi said...

this is good news, by the way according to the left we are all payed for by lobbyists.

Bungalow Bill said...

Sebelius face resembles that of which will soon deny older Americans healthcare. Notice her disrespect.

The Conservative Lady said...

They wanted to pass health care reform bill before the August recess to avoid the protests. That tells you something right there.

RightKlik said...

RV: Yeah...I'm sure my check is in the mail. I've been waiting for months.

BB: Sebelius looks like she's severely constipated.

TCL: It tells you a lot. They wanted to ram ObamaCare down our throats before we had the opportunity to have our say.

So sorry you missed your deadline, Congress. Look on the bright side, now you have time to read the bill!!

Teresa said...

Sebelius is a moron. Specter is an opportunist. I love when the crowd goes wild and boos them both. I think we need to report these shady Orwellian power hungry thugs to someone. Oh! Sorry we can't. I just described who's running the White House.

They wanted to ram Obamacare down our throats so citizens didn't get a chance to know what is actually in Obamacare. Well, citizens have woken up and are thinking for themselves. I hope we stop this nightmare of a bill. If. not I say Let's get ready for a second revolution.

Always On Watch said...

Even the AP admits it: Obama's health care numbers don't add up!

Yeehaw! BHO's Teflon is cracking and shattering!

RightKlik said...

Teresa: There's going to be a big shakeup one way or the other.

AOW: It's so nice now that Obama's popularity is below 50%. The media apparently feel like they have the right to actually criticize the man...gently, of course.