Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Power Grab

Most people act in their self-interest. Members of Congress are no exception.

ObamaCare is unpopular with American voters, and is becoming increasingly unpopular. So this begs the question: why is Congress pushing an unpopular plan so hard?

One potential answer is that Washington insiders genuinely believe that a government body populated by benevolent bureaucratic attorneys can run health care more efficiently, and effectively than the doctors, nurses and CEOs who are currently running the system. I suspect that only the most narcissistic and arrogant pols in Washington hold this belief...Obama, Specter and Pelosi, for example.

So what about the members of Congress who aren't completely consumed with self-love and arrogance...what do they get out of this risky and unpopular attempt to push a hostile government takeover of the health care industry?

One word: power.

Is there a better explanation? I'd love to hear it.


ObamaCare support hits new lows
Likely voters now oppose ObamaCare 53%-42%, when six weeks ago a slim majority favored the plan.

Democrats are shell-shocked. They truly cannot believe that this is happening to them...

Elderly Swing Against Obama Plan
Those over 65 rejected the plan by 39-56 while almost half — 46% — said they were "strongly opposed" to it.

Demokrat Congressman says ObamaCare protesters remind him of terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

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cube said...

I'm not counting out the left just yet. There is no end to the amount of bamboozling they can still pull over on the masses.

Pretty soon you'll have Hollywood coming out in support of Obamacare and demonizing the Nazis on the right.

I will be relieved when I see a stake driven through this horrific bill. Until then, I will be wary.

RightKlik said...

Cube: I agree. We can't assume anything yet.

Anonymous said...

I am with you as well cube, this bill isn't dead until it is pronounced dead officially.

If or when this bill is passed, there will be no repealing it, and it will lead to the biggest power grab in our federal government since 1913 and the creation of the Fed Reserve and income tax.

DaBlade said...

It has always been about power. These people can't sell the bill on it's merits because it has none, so they try to deflect attention to it by attacking the Americans who have the audacity to question it. Obama has completely spent his hopenchange dividend and has bitten off more than he can chew... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like cockroaches, the Left keeps reproducing and gathering in the corners.

This fight has only just begun.

Left Coast Rebel said...

RK - I agree with all here in that this thing is not done yet, the fight will rage on for an undetermined amount of time. Obviously there are hopeful signs for liberty but one must assume that the Left's 'cat out 'o the bag' is still not in play. They won't give up until it is entirely evident that they must, even then they will have this 'plan' in their wet dreams for time forward, until it is a possibility. That is how the Left is different from the Right......

Z said...

What the heck IS going on? Perfectly rational people go in hating the healthcare plan, meet with THE ONE, and come out backing it. It's positively frightening: is it Chicago thug politics threats, or??.........??

Amusing Bunni said...

Hello Right Klik!
You hit the nail on the head, the word is power. They all want more power over us, and the best way to do it is have complete control over the life & death decision of our healthcare. This whole think is a nightmare and
I surely hope it is defeated. But, with this bunch, you never know.

Hope you have been well and life treating you great. I've been busy with my new computer and now that I can watch video's, my new youtube channel. God Bless.

dmarks said...

It's greed and power. The Dems in congress can create vast government healthcare bureacracies, and stuff them with featherbedded union "workers". These "workers" get rich on the taxpayer dime. The government-employee union membership explodes, along with the dues money stolen from the members. This dues money goes right into the Democratic campaign war chests (which often go into the pockets of the candidates).

It's all about getting these people rich, and not anything to do with improving health care in America.

Z: Maybe some SEIU goodfellas pounded some sense into these people. When logic and rhetoric fail to make people support Obamacare, a tire-iron can be used as a pursuader.