Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free-Market Death Panels

Liberals give themselves a big pat on the back when they point out the inconveniences and imperfections of the free market:

"You don't like government bureaucrats? Private health insurance companies have bureaucrats, too."

"You don't want rationing? Well, private insurance companies ration by denying claims."

"You're afraid of Federal death panels? Private companies have their own death panels. They deny treatment and people die!"

Sorry, but these arguments don't work for me. I can't ignore the fact that the Federal Government is infinitely more powerful and belligerent than any single private insurance company.

I can't ignore the fact that there is only one Federal Government from which to choose. If the Federal Government becomes abusive, I don't have 1,300 other Federal Governments competing for my future business.

I can't ignore the fact that when governments are entrusted with health care, they tend to crush the private alternatives, create shortages and punish those who seek refuge elsewhere.

If we give the Federal Government the power to squeeze out the private insurance companies (whether we give it the power to do so immediately or over time), the health care freedom we now take for granted will probably be lost forever.


British Health Care: A Pregnant Woman's Nightmare

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Anonymous said...

I agree, free markets will always find a way around such things.

Where with a government controlled system you are stuck with it.

Anonymous said...

I fear a stupid lazy populace that will allow our free markets to be harassed and regulated to death.

DaBlade said...

Excellent points. Not surprisingly, I agree with your every point and therefore nominate you my thought czar. The position doesn't pay much (nothing) but you have my gratitude for spelling out what I think.

Rush made a good point today when he talked about the libs using conservative lingo like the public option "adding competition". They recognize that the country is more conservative than liberal, so they must use obamaspeak to try to sway the malleable.

Teresa said...

Once you have a government program its pretty much impossible to get rid of it. The fact that this would be similar to medicare is very scary. And the fact that there are idiots that want health care that will resemble a program that's going bankrupt is even scarier.

RightKlik said...

CS: Gov't run medicine is a death trap.

NG: It's a full time job picking up the slack for the laze-oholics.

DaBlade: Thought czar? I was born for the job.

Teresa: ObamaCare will be a one way street. It will only die when the Republic dies.