Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care Ex Nihilo

If ObamaCare becomes a reality, it will fail miserably. Here's why:

When (and if) the Democrats force their health care agenda down our throats, tens of millions of people will have access to a glorious new entitlement — and doctors' offices and emergency rooms will be flooded. A doctor from Massachusetts describes what happened after health care reform was implemented there: "'We were hammered with patients who didn't have insurance before but now had it,' she says. Many of them showed up after years of medical neglect with either 'pesky little problems' or 'big tumors, high blood pressure, or very scary lab findings.'"

Now that the Democrats run the country, cost is a secondary concern. The Federal Government will borrow or print whatever money we need to pay for the new goodies. Fineproblem solved. But what about the human resources? You can't borrow surgeons or print respiratory therapists. Have the democrats thought about that?

More on Massachusetts' prequel to ObamaCare:

When Massachusetts created an estimated 432,000 newly insured residents in less than two years, Massachusetts' glut of doctors quickly became a critical shortage. More than 41% of primary care practices in the state did not accept new patients in 2008, up from 28% in 2006, according to a survey by the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS).

Meanwhile, wait times for new-patient appointments rose from four weeks in 2006 to nearly eight weeks in 2008 for general internal medicine, according to the MMS. Nationally, average wait time is slightly under three weeks, according to the physician placement firm Merritt Hawkins & Associates.

"Universal coverage does not mean universal access," says Bruce Auerbach, MD, an emergency physician in Attleboro, immediate past president of the MMS, and an advocate of universal care. "Once you get 100% of the people covered, you want to be sure you actually have people to take care of them."

Painkillers don't prescribe themselves, pacemakers don't implant themselves, hips don't replace themselves, dying patients don't code themselves, and as BHO has infamously pointed out, gangrenous diabetic feet don't amputate themselves. Moreover, you can throw a stack of $100 bills at a woman who needs a c-section, but unless you can find an obstetrician to do the required job, you still have a very big problem on your hands.

So here's my question for Dr. Obama: We know that the financial resources for health care reform would come from new taxes, but with tens of millions of newly insured Americans, where will the requisite HUMAN resources (e.g., nurses, doctors, administrators) come from?


Amend the Constitution to Include the Separation of God and Obama.

Obama would like you to see government as religion.

President Obama to Health Care Reform Opponents: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.

From a Physician who supports universal health care: We don’t have enough doctors for ObamaCare
"The prospect of suddenly adding tens of millions of patients to an overburdened primary care system has the potential to make the already dire state of American health care even worse."

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Foxwood said...

Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law? Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers? Do you want to reform Congress? If your answer is yes, we have to work together to make this happen.

Teresa said...

Obama is the epic narcissist. He is a moron. He is a scary communist and fascist in my book. The man thinks he's going to be a partner with God? That is arrogance at its highest levels. Yes, there will be death panels because there will be 48 million people brought into the health care system, while there will be now more or only a small number of additional doctors. Of course there's going to be rationing. Duh! That only makes sense. Liberals just don't get reality and understand the concept of making anything actually making sense.

RightKlik said...

Partner with God? Don't forget, Obama IS GOD

Z said...

RightKlik. ... That is exactly why he can't really argue the NO RATIONING line....NO WAY.

I was just thinking that the Left touts Romney's Massachusetts bill but let Romney run against THE ONE in 2012 (Oh, GOD, is it THAT many years away!????) and it'll be ROMNEY DID EVERYTHING WRONG, right? :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

yup Barak INNsane is GOD..Lord help us all my friend!

Rightwing Guy said...

god help us all if they pass it. Like the page and added ya to my blogroll, shall return.

RightKlik said...

Z: Rationing? Absolutely; there's no way around it. Here's an excellent article on the topic:

A Health 'Reform' To Regret

RightKlik said...

WHT: Obama's too stupid to see the light, but he IS feeling the heat.

RightWing: Thanks for visiting.

LYNNE said...

President Obama said that he “would love to have more Republicans engaged” in the health care negotiations under way in Congress, but expressed that he will get it passed with or without them.

Jason said...
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Teresa said...

Obama's narcissistic personality may be filling his ego with the falsehood about him being God, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Jason is correct. The Republicans are not the ones stalling Obamacare from passing. The Democrats have a majority in both the Senate and House. It is conservative Democrats who are listening to their constituents who are holding up Obamacare. And, these Dems know if they don't listen to their constituents then they will be booted out of office come next election.

RightKlik said...

LYNNE: What's Obama waiting for? Democrats have very comfortable majorities in both houses of Congress. The Republicans are powerless. So Dems can go right ahead and do whatever they want to do.

The Democrats passed the stimulus bill with zero votes from Republicans in the House and only three votes from Republicans in the Senate. And it didn't take them more than a few days to get over their deep desire for bipartisanship.

So what are the Dems waiting for now? Republicans? NO. Of course the Dems want to say their lack of progress is due to the fact that they are trying desperately to appease the GOP. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a fight within the Democratic Party. Some Democrats are actually in tune with the fact that ObamaCare is incredibly unpopular now:

"Disapproval of Obama's handling of the health care reform issue has spiked to 57% among independents."

I strongly encourage you and all the other Kos Kids to urge your Democrat rulers to "go it alone" on health care. They should ignore their constituents, go nuclear, do whatever it takes. The 2010 elections are far, far away. By that time, the rubes in flyover country will have forgotten about the Dems' ObamaCare shenanigans.

DaBlade said...

and there will be little motivation for our best and our brightest to pursue medicine. Oh well. I'm sure we will still be able to get the high tech procedures done in Cuba.

Opus #6 said...

RK, ha ha, yes, Obama was only being modest when he claimed to be God's partner.

Hey, I am following you on twitter now. I just opened my account yesterday.

Anonymous said...

No thank you, Health care Socialist style just don't do it for me. Have you ever been to a communist country? Well they are lifting the travel ban on going to Cuba. I suggest you make a trip down there and see how well that "shared wealth" policy has worked out for the average Cuban.

The problem with societies like that is that it destroys incentive. Why would anyone put in extra effort to better his or her life if the extra fruits of their labor are going to be shared with someone who just wants to coast along.

I work my ass off and I donate a lot of money to charity and I don't mind doing. However, I do not want government coming to me and forcing me to "share" with the guy next door who sat home all day and played video games.

Ray said...

As usual a good post RK and I particularly love this line:

"you can throw a stack of $100 bills at a woman who needs a c-section, but unless you can find an obstetrician to do the required job, you still have a very big problem on your hands. "

Maybe thats where SLick comes into the picture, he'll be in charge of all Obstetrics and Breast issues for women......

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: The smart ones will avoid the medical field like the plague. Smart kids should be thinking about a career in government.

O6: Good to see you on Twitter. We need to get more of our friends to join us.

Matt: Socialism creates perverse incentives...and then the tragedy of the commons ensues.

Ray: Thanks. Time to throw out the bill and start over.