Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWS Only 99% as Popular as Public Defecation & Tuberculosis

Public defecation, rapes, theft, tuberculosis, arson ... these are a few of the wonderful things that have grown from the militant left wing "Occupy" movement (a wave of protests infamously celebrated by Barack Obama and Princess Pelosi.)  Surprisingly, -- wink, wink -- the filth, violence and disease is less popular than crowds of middle-aged tax payers standing around in patriotic garb complaining about politicians:
...asked whether they have a higher opinion of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street movement the Tea Party wins out 43–37, representing a flip from last month when Occupy Wall Street won out 40–37 on that question. Again the movement with independents is notable — from preferring Occupy Wall Street 43–34, to siding with the Tea Party 44–40.
As usual, the Democrats at PPP who came up with these numbers have buffered the bad news with what appears to be a liberal slant...

The PPP poll included an excessive number of liberals (27%).  Gallup puts libs at only 21%

Also of note, the PPP poll had fewer moderates (31%) compared with Gallup (36%).

Liberals should probably be happy that the OWS protesters are "drowning out" their own message. Their incoherent anti-American left wing agenda is probably only about 99% as popular as human waste.

UPDATE... VIDEO: Tea Party vs OWS (via Nice Deb) ...

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