Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dan Reihl Goes Hysterical Over Herman Cain Flap

Ninety Herman Cain stories (and counting) since Sunday night, and what does Politico have to show for it? This, for one:
...that so many conservatives, driven by nothing more than negative emotions, would allow themselves to be drawn in by a jive talking huckster with silly cobbled together at the last minute plans designed more for pizza box sloganeering, than governing a great nation, is embarrassing...

This isn't a serious political movement right now, it's a clown show, one with which I'm coming to resent being affiliated...

I'd rather sit out 2012, than join in that humiliation that speaks to little more than the conservative movement's current bankruptcy when it comes to a serious and viable political leadership.
Alinsky Rule 5 success!

Dan, you're overreacting. Not a single vote has been cast yet. The voters are still vetting Herman Cain. They're still vetting Mitt Romney for that matter. Over 70% of Republican voters don't know enough about Romneycare to render an opinion. How many years has Romney been running now? And yet we're supposed to think that the Conservative Movement is crumbling because conservatives are still intrigued by the fresh face in the crowd?

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