Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yahoo Catches Flak for Pro-Obama Propaganda

The headline: "Obama takes charge at hurricane command center"

Are you kidding me? In what sense is Obama qualified to take part in such an effort, let alonetake charge?

The bulk of the comments at the aforementioned Yahoo News story are decidedly negative. Here's a sample:
  • One wonders if Yahoo, AP , the DNC flackers like Politico really believe this tripe. Obama takes charge. Obama captures 2nd Al Q leader in Pak. All by his lonesome. Puleeze. This naif is the worst CEO-CIC in my 72 yrs. Takes charge for what? Frankly, I hope the storm floods his command center...
  • The bias here is appalling. This man has zero credibility as a leader.
  • Please Obama stop the hurricane now.
  • I'm sure this genius knows as much about hurricanes as he does about being president...
  • What are all these buttons tell me which one to push so I look good and almost intellegent...
  • Thank Alla that we have a truly fearless leader who is not afraid to stand in the face of Hurricanepalooza, give a speech, and make the godless storm move away from his voting base. I wish that I could bear his child.
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