Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pence Will Not Run? UPDATE: It's Official

Mike Pence is expected to make an announcement regarding his political ambitions tonight. Expert tea leaf readers say Pence will run for governor of Indiana and forgo a run for the White House. Here's the chatter, stay tuned for updates:

DrewMTips: Pence decision announced after 7pm tonight ... | If it was "yes," he wouldn't announce it this way...

Evansville-Courier Journal's @EricBradner: "Source I trust says Pence not running for Pres, but will also not announce a run for gov today"

Too Bad: Pence to Announce He’s Not Running for President

michellemalkin Whatever Mike Pence decides to do, he will do mvmt conservatives proud. He's far more than a "rock star." He's a ROCK.

CNN relieved: Pence rules out bid for president

The Hill: Rep. Pence expected to run for governor

Rep. Pence closes door


Mark Adams said...

Thats not good. One of the top 3 I would have gone for and could have easily beat O'.

The Conservative Lady said...

Pence is a good man and the governorship will give him executive experience when (if) he finally decides to run for President one day. I just wish I had a favorite for the GOP ticket for 2012.

RightKlik said...

Mark: Makes me wonder who Pence wants to win... or if he thinks 2012 is unwinnable.

TCL: I'm not sure Pence will have another opportunity. The competition will be much different in 2016 or 2020.

Mark Adams said...

RK, I think that’s a great question to ask him.
But the right NOW needs to nominate an un-questionable winner.