Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arizona Killer Fits Tea Party Profile Perfectly

The Climate of Hate...

The striking similarities between Tea Party conservatives and Jared Lee Loughner:


Uncanny, isn't it?

For all their complaints about the specter of unfair racist profiling in Arizona, the left has provided an amazing example of obnoxious scapegoating with their unhinged reaction to Jared Lee Loughner.

Apparently, the Democrat-run media decided that Loughner was aligned with the Tea Party simply because he wasn't named "Mohammed," and he didn't scream "Allahu Akbar" while spraying bullets on the crowd.

To conclude almost instantly that Loughner was somehow a product of the conservative Tea Party mileu, the left must have been relying on some sort of generalization or profile. This chart shows how crudely and desperately that generalization has been applied.

Charles Krauthammer gets to the heart of this issue with a very good article: Massacre, followed by libel.


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Blue said...

Excellent comparison. I agree, uncanny!


Mark Adams said...

It's like he is looking in the mirror. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I feel so guilty. Forgive me.

Anonymous said...

Oh now I get, he is identical to us.

Proof said...

That's a great chart! Who could blame the liberals and the MSM for getting it all wrong?

Proof said...

"liberals and the MSM"
...but I repeat myself!