Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rock Star Reception

In two minutes flat, she delivers a powerful pitch for conservative health care reform and it's as convincing a pitch as any I've ever heard.

Surrounded by dozens of astroturfers sporting identical "Healthcare Not Warfare" stickers at Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey's town hall meeting on August 31, Catherine Bragg unleashes years of pent up frustration at her arrogant representative.

If you've seen the video before, pay close attention to the lady in white sitting behind Ms. Bragg. She's an ObamaCare supporter wearing all the appropriate astroturf flare, but in spite of her efforts to suppress a smile, she nods approvingly to Bragg's impassioned speech!

Conservatives in the crowd gave Catherine Bragg a rock star reception.

Says Bragg: "...the response was overwhelming. And I'll be honest with you, when I started to speak I live in a very liberal community I expected opposition. I thought I would have gotten tomatoed. And instead what I got was this rush of energy through my body from people saying, you go, girl, basically, and it only fueled my fire. And then when I finished speaking, and I turned around, like you said, there was a rock star finish."

Be careful O-bots, if you watch this video, you just might decide you care about tort reform...


Now an ObamaCare skeptic?


CATHERINE BRAGG, SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: My name is Catherine Bragg, and I am from Nevato, California. I'm also a small business owner. Right now, 90 percent of the businesses in the United States help support this -- this financial system that we have in place, small businesses like myself.


BRAGG: Thank you! Thank you to everybody out there! This room is full lot of a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs. And our concern is, is that we do right now play by the rules. We pay our taxes and we help out in every way we can by being productive every day!


BRAGG: Now, the problem I have is that both sides of the political aisle have tried to put reformation on health care out there for years, and nobody has done anything until today and now it's being rammed down our throats!


BRAGG: Now, I have contacted your office in the past when I've opposed anything, and I get back the standard e-mail that says, Thank you for your support!


BRAGG: That's a bunch of bull! When I speak in opposition, I expect respect! We've called your office and your staff has told us that you know best when I oppose it! Now, right now in California, as a small business owner, I could use tort reform!


BRAGG: As a small business owner, I could use competition! There are 1,300 insurance companies in the United States and six of them -- I can only use six in California! If you open it up to competition, like I experience in my business -- competition makes me better! And in the end, I do not try to overcharge anybody! I don't try to gouge anybody! If you let the free market system work, everybody can have insurance! Thank you!

Catherine Bragg on Fox News:


Small Business Owner Reaches Her Boiling Point

Woman Goes Nuclear At Town Hall Meeting In Liberal California District

Town Hall Meeting with Rep. Lynn Woolsey (video)

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Janie Lynn said...

Love it! Saw her on Fox. She's angry but she's reasonable. She is not asking for more than is possible although the respect issue seems a bit tough for those Democrats to muster.

DaBlade said...

I missed this (nothing but football and baseball for me yesterday)... That was awesome!

Bungalow Bill said...

I love her passion and her knowledge on the issue. The old bat sitting next to her is the typical brain dead Obamabot spreading lies with a stupid figure she couldn't prove true even if she dug through the deepest depths of liberal America. 86% of the people don't want the public options, and I loved the old bat looked dumbfounded with a blank stare on her face.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, there are still free marking lasse-fair capitalist left in Kalifornia still. Would have thought the San Fransissy Berkly bunch would have run them all out by now.

Still, it brings a smile to my face to see there are still a few folks in Calinfornia with a brain and common sense.

Z said...

Scalawag, there are a LOT of us in California! Look, if you can suffer through Arnold's pronunciation (and ruinization) of this state, you can stand up for your conservative beliefs!

Wasn't she fantastic! Go, California!

RightKlik said...

JL: She speaks for those of us who work very hard but get nothing but grief from the federal government.

DaBlade: I'm still glowing green from the radioactivity.

BB: The libs just make stuff up. I can hardly believe Ms. 86% nodded along with the comments about tort reform.

CS: I guess they NEED a few conservatives in Kalifornia...SOMEBODY has to be productive.

Z: Well, California DID give us Reagan. For that we can be eternally grateful.

Soloman said...

Great stuff, RK - I saw this woman interviewed on Fox and she was brilliant. The fact that she was able to make her case so clearly without anger is wonderful, and the fact that she's one of the currently uninsured just makes her points so much more valid!

robert verdi said...

that is the difference between passion and astro-turf.

Amusing Bunni said...

This was wonderful Right Klik. Ms. Bragg is the voice of reason in a world full of obamacare idiots
I'm behind in my viewing, so I'm glad you posted this. We need more people like her. They are starting to awaken and make their voices heard.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the argument she makes a hundred times. But when it comes from the mouth of a small business-owning patriot with common sense IT RINGS TRUE unlike what I hear from Obama.

RightKlik said...

Soloman: I don't see how Washington can ignore people like her.

RV: well said

AB: People like Bragg are everywhere...but they're working so hard they scarcely have time to shake off the government parasites.

NG: True. Obama has lived his life in an ivory tower...and it shows. He generally has no idea what he's talking about.