Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pass The Bill Now, Feel The Pain Later

Pass ObamaCare now before the public realizes what is happening and while there are still enough Democrats in Congress to pass a highly partisan bill. Implement ObamaCare later, in 2013, so Obama can be re-elected before the public experiences the consequences and feels the pain.

If this is such an urgently needed program, why wait for years to put it into effect? And if the public is going to benefit from this, why not let them experience those benefits before the next Presidential election?

If it is not urgent that the legislation goes into effect immediately, then why don't we have time to go through the normal process of holding Congressional hearings on the pros and cons, accompanied by public discussions of its innumerable provisions? What sense does it make to "hurry up and wait" on something that is literally a matter of life and death?

If we do not believe that the President is stupid, then what do we believe? The only reasonable alternative seems to be that he wanted to get this massive government takeover of medical care passed into law before the public understood what was in it.

Moreover, he wanted to get re-elected in 2012 before the public experienced what its actual consequences would be.


Video: MSM has no doubt if you oppose ObamaCare, or Obama's ideas in general, you ARE a racist

To make ObamaCare more appealing, Dems will fine you up to $3800 for failing to comply... You're a racist if you oppose this.

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Apropos of nothing...


Teresa said...

Thomas Sowell's correct. What the hells the rush? I think that Sowell is correct about the fact that Obama doesn't want to experience the consequences of his actions. Just like a freaking liberal, not taking responsibility for a damn thing they do. Health care reform needs to be done right, not the anything goes as long as its done quickly approach.

DaBlade said...

Brilliant. It shines the light on the cockroach democrat strategy of sneaking in the back door while the kitchen lights are off.

Linda said...

And the cockroaches scamper like mad when the light shines on them.

Let's shine the light!

RightKlik said...

Teresa: I agree, and there's no way we'll get the health reform we need if it comes from a bill that only gets 1-2 Republican votes.

DaBlade: I don't know how this analysis hasn't come out sooner.

Linda: Shining the light 24/7!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Sowell is spot on and your pic says it all about Hussein!

Anonymous said...

We all know what the rush is. I don't like being pressured by anyone, so I'm certainly not gonna get pushed by some suede shoe, silver-tongued Democrat hack.

nacilbupera said...

Remember the words "Don't let a good crisis go to waste." By creating a fictitional "health care crisis" Obama and the progressive Democrats seek to sneak in bills that take us ever closer to Communism.
Thanks for keeping up 24/7, RK!

RightKlik said...

WHT: Thanks. Got lucky and found the perfect picture.

NG: That's precisely the problem. There are millions of Americans who aren't happy about the pressure to act hastily.

nacilbupera: Exactly. There really is no crisis, but they have done a good job of creating the illusion.