Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hypocrisy Flashback: An Obama 2008 Campaign Mailer

Yet another example of the classic Obama bait and switch routine

WSJ: If liberal health-care reform is going to make people better off, why does it require "a very harsh, stiff penalty" to make everyone buy it? That's what Senator Obama called it in his Presidential campaign when he opposed the individual mandate supported by Hillary Clinton. He correctly argued then that many people were uninsured not because they didn't want coverage but because it was too expensive.

Read the excellent article in its entirety here.

Flashback: Obama slams Hillary's plan for "forcing everyone to buy insurance."

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Anonymous said...

This racism has got to stop. All you're doing is wrapping it in a sugar-coating of logic and insight. Nobody's fooled.

robert verdi said...

You don't say he is fraud. By the way how come he managed to compliment McCain for his ideas, but failed to mention Clinton for co-opting this one?

Throwing Stones said...

Our Gal Hillary made some real DUMB remarks today regarding Iran.
And she Hillary Clinton reached out to Muslim communities at home and abroad by hosting an ''iftar'' at the State Department!