Friday, October 26, 2012

Tragedy: Voters thinking for themselves, ruining Obama's reelection prospects

This is funny:
On Twitter and blogs the debates were scored minute by minute by grandma, the kids and everyone else in the living room. And stars from Hollywood to media personalities, and politicians joined in the fun with the folks at home. The whole nation competed for the best one-liners, the perfect put-down or come back as the debate was taking place... 
The power of social media to create a distorted, avalanche of public opinion about what happened during a debate can be best seen in the first contest between Gov. Romney and President Obama... 
The perception that coalesced around that first debate turned the election from a likely Obama win to a dead heat. It was as if he had garbled his words, lost his thoughts and made factual errors – none of which occurred...
The perception that Romney won the first debate was a byproduct of this new media experience.
More bad news for Juan: On November 6, there will be another "distorted avalanche of public opinion" – and grandma, the kids and everyone else will be tweeting all day and all night long. It's still a democratic republic, bud.

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