Tuesday, June 5, 2012

RomneyCare: Replacing Obama's Big-Government Cronyism With Romney's Big-Government Cronyism

Romney’s de facto chief of staff, Mike Leavitt, wants to implement ObamaCare exchanges:
...he is convinced that “exchanges are part of the future, no matter what.”
In other words, Romney wants to repeal ObamaCare only to replace it with ObamaCare Lite.

Romney's liberal buddy would stand to profit from ObamaCare exchanges:
Leavitt is one of the few Republicans who has been actively campaigning for governors to implement Obamacare’s health care exchanges at the state level. Conveniently enough, his consultancy group would profit from such an expansion of government because he has won contracts to set up the exchanges.
If Romney stays on this course, I won't vote for him.

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