Saturday, June 16, 2012

Immigrant Journalist Dares to Question Obama's Immigration Agenda

Immigrant Journalist Neil Munro had the audacity to question Obama's controversial immigration policy in which Obama has bypassed congress to create his own immigration law. Can you believe that a member of the White House press corps would ask Obama a pointed question? Obama's cheerleader team (MSM journalists) can't.

Here's the rundown...

Twitchy: Daily Caller’s Neil Munro interrupts President Obama

Q&O: Naturally, they declared Obama a holy personage, and designated Munro’s questions as blasphemy.

Jim Treacher: Neil Munro should've known better than to talk to Barack Obama without paying the $40,000 fee.

Gateway Pundit: OBAMA SNAPS! Lectures Reporter at Press Conference “I Didn’t Ask for an Argument” (Video)

Legal Insurrection: Uh, y do "reporters" go to Pres statement where can't ask questions? 7 yrs of college and they're window dressing.

Update: Yay! I'm a "Rightblogger," linked at the Village Voice. I guess that explains the spammy comment from an idiotic LWNJ.

Roy Edroso at VV concludes:
...expect rightbloggers to take up speaking truth to power in this non-traditional way, and to bitch about it when someone points out that they're making asses of themselves. Swing voters love that sort of thing.
Yeah, good point. Civility is IMPORTANT:


Unlike Mr. "Occupy White House," Ronald Reagan knew how to answer an adversarial reporter:

Another flashback:

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