Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stop Worrying and Love The Bias

Some conservatives are fretting about the conservative bias in a video produced by Fox News. Um, okay....

I don’t think that any news organization should pretend to be unbiased. The veneer of neutrality is dishonest. Everybody’s biased.

Should news organizations be thorough and tell the whole story? Ideally, yes. Should they be fair? Yes. Honest? Yes. Professional? Yes.

Neutral? No.

Be upfront with your bias. Let them know what your agenda is:

If we didn’t live in a world where a major motion picture can be produced using White House talking points about a President’s “gutsy call” and originally set to be released right before the November election, I might be bothered.

And given the fact that Fox and Friends is an opinion show, and the other news channels are virtually running free Obama Campaign ads with their 24/7 sycophantic Obama-friendly coverage — it doesn’t bother me, at all.

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