Monday, May 7, 2012

Obama's Favorite Republican Faces Defeat

Barack Obama's favorite Republican (also Eric Cantor's favorite senator) faces defeat tomorrow in Indiana.

Here's a roundup:
Richard Lugar has been in Washington since January of 1977 ... The federal debt was approximately $650 billion. The federal debt now surpasses $15 trillion. And you know what? The grown ups did it. The grown ups, the mature folks, the adults in the room were the ones who did it. Richard Lugar was complicit in this catastrophic balance sheet. He rarely stood in the way of an increase in debt, an increase in spending, a bridge to nowhere, and a future to bankruptcy.
Lugar getting desperate:
Most of all Lugar is hoping for an inflow of Democratic and independent voters to rescue him from the Republican base. "I'm not asking anybody to cross over," Lugar said. "I'm just saying positively, 'Register your vote, because if you do not, I may not be able to continue serving you.' At this point, help."

How the mighty have fallen. Six years ago, Lugar was returned to the Senate with 80 percent of the vote.
The inclination I’ve had to feel sorry for Dick Lugar that his career may reach an inglorious end is rapidly dissipating. Lugar demonstrates daily why it is time to defeat him.

Lugar still refuses to say he will support Mourdock, still seeks to have non-Republicans decide the Republican primary, and feeds the left-wing narrative that the Tea Party just shouts.

Lugar is insulting and arrogant...

Lugar doesn’t get it. He’s not being challenged because he spoke to Democrats. He’s being challenged because he has been co-opted by power.

Good riddance.
The predictable left wing meltdown:
When Indiana Republicans go to the polls on Tuesday, they will do more than choose a candidate for the Senate. They will choose between party and country.

That's a stark assessment, but true. On one side is a man who has made it his life's work to build a cross-aisle consensus for keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue states. On the other side is a man who mocks his opponent for such work and who talks more about fighting Democrats than America's enemies.
If you vote for the conservative, you hate America ... or something.

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