Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo: Herman Cain's Wife... UPDATE: Another picture of Gloria Cain... UPDATE: Gloria & Herman With Family... UPDATE: Gloria Cain Video

Gloria Cain and Herman Cain

UPDATE: Gloria (Etchison) and Herman in 1968:

**Read about the Herman Cain "sexual harassment" story here.

UPDATE III: Gloria will appear this Friday on Greta Van Susteren's Fox show (via Business Insider).

UPDATE IV: Gloria backs out.

UPDATE V: More pictures...

Gloria, Herman & Family

Hat tip: No Quarter

Background information:
How Herman and Gloria Met:

Herman and Gloria met during their college years.
Herman: "One month after she graduated from college, I swept her off her feet — we knew each other — and we got married a month later."
Source: Alex Pappas. "Herman Cain: My wife will not be traditional 'campaign wife.'" 5/19/2011.
Wedding Date:

Gloria and Herman were married in the spring of 1968.

Herman and Gloria have two children and several grandchildren.
Melanie Cain: Born abt. 1972.
Vincent Cain: Born abt. 1978.
Herman: "Two was actually the right number of children for us. When two people get married, two equations of happiness are added together. If they match perfectly, which is very rare, you get a marriage bonus, as in 'two plus two equals five.'"
Source: Herman Cain. CEO of Self: You're in Charge! 2001. pg. 100.

Gloria Cain Video: "My husband respects women..."

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