Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(PHOTO) Obama's Official Long-Form Birth Certificate

by the Left Coast Rebel

As Sam Foster wrote early this morning, the White House just released Obama's official "long-form" birth certificate. Sam had a great take on the issue in that the Obama birth certificate issue has actually been the longest running Clinton scandal.

Nevertheless, the question for me -- given the ease at which the White House got their grubby paws on and released the long-form birth certificate -- is what gives and why didn't they do this before?

I smell a thick trail of rank incompetence and William Jacobson agrees:
The ease with which the White House obtained the documents demonstrates the rank idiocy of the mainstream media, which has been feeding us a steady stream of excuses as to why Obama could not obtain the document.
Professor Jacobson is on to something here: the media-led frantic discussion on Obama's m.i.a. long-form birth certificate proves just how idiotic they are. And, they played right into the publicity whore Donald Trump's hand, giving him tens of millions of dollars of free promotion and airtime (but it was entertaining to watch him use the fools in the press as he did).

We can all breathe a deep sigh of relief and bask in the glory of today's historic moment, gather together and rejoice that everything is back to normal.

America -- he actually is one of us -- even though he hates our freedoms, founding principles, rich people, is bankrupting the nation, is surrounded by communists and czars, had communist parents and a communist childhood mentor, was a racist/socialist agitator crony in Chicago, attended and had his daughters baptized in a church that taught Marxist Black Liberation Theology, taught Alinksy's Rules for Radicals, declared his candidacy in the home of a domestic terrorist...(just to name a few).

Drumroll, please...

Photo of Obama's long-form birth certificate (hat tip to Legal Insurrection, click to embiggen):

And there you have it! America is now the place that I knew in my youth...

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The Watcher said...

Comments in some of the other blogs I read keep bringing up the lack of a notary seal on the certificate. I've no idea if they don't DO the notary seal in Hawaii, but I remember having to get ten copies of my birth certificate about four years ago, and every copy had the embossed seal on it - and for giggles, I made one photocopy: the seal showed on there as well.

Before anybody jumps me, I'm NOT saying that the lack of a notary seal = forgery or fake; all I'm doing is comparing it to mine (which is a Wisconsin BC)

Mark Adams said...

It's to bad that we couldn't have gotten this hater of our freedoms, founding principles and rich people, who loves to bankrupting the nation, like the little communists who had communist parents, is, and who had a communist childhood mentor, along with being a racist/socialist agitator crony from Chicago.... before the end of his term.
Would have nulled and voided every thing he has done! :)

tha malcontent said...

Don't distract the man, he just flew off to Chicago to film the Oprah show.
BTW, I wonder how much gas is used to fly "Air Force One" and all the security cars to a TV studio in Chicago?

Anonymous said...

If im not mistaken the country kenya wasnt named kenya until 1963?
and obama is listed as born in 1961?
I think it was called a british east africa protectorate pri to 1963 that is

Gorges Smythe said...

Linked your post.