Friday, February 11, 2011

Stupid People Are Ruining America

Highlights from Herman Cain's CPAC speech:

UPDATE: Don't miss the rest of this great speech!


Proof said...

Shift the subject
Ignore the facts
Name calling.

That's so true!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Mr. Cain is a great radio personality and is dead on target with his word's and I respect his knowledge, but I pray he does not run for the GOP nomination of POTUS.

He simply does not have enough (and I hate to say this) "name recognition" to garner enough support should he get the nod.

Our choices for this are many but limited at the same time as so far all are RINO's, everyone of them thus far.

Since Pence decided on not running (my fav) I have no idea what real conservative might step in but know we need one to do just that.

TickedMD said...
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Always On Watch said...

Cain rocks!

Brenda said...

Herman is our homeboy down here in GA, he did the keynote at both TEA parties in our county (Douglas), and he's an awesome person.

At lunch on Friday we sat across from, and had a 30 min convo with, 'investigative reporter' Joe Strupp from Media Matters.

He wanted to know if we liked Ron Paul or Mitt Romney. We said no, we liked Herman Cain.

Well, he'd never heard of Herman Cain!

Christopher is right about the name recognition so I guess we need to get the word out!