Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Found RINO Droppings at CPAC

I'm here at CPAC, where everyone is [supposedly] conservative. But apparently, some RINOs have wandered into the herd of 11,000:

I cannot attest to whether David Frum and his supporters are sane, but conservative they are not. NTTAWWT, but this is the Conservative Political Action Conference.


How do you explain this? A CPAC straw poll:

Five percent is 5% too much!

Perhaps not coincidentally, I did spot Eleanor Clift lurking in the shadows earlier today.


Just a conservative girl said...

I ran into Joe Klein. Talk about not conservative!!!

RightKlik said...

Ugh... Saw him too.

Ken & Carol said...

I suspect they were gathering information for a really big conspiracy exposé.