Sunday, March 24, 2013

Progressivism is a lucrative career opportunity for clever cynics

"A valuable reminder of the best argument for reducing economic inequality."
As hateful as Matthew Yglesias is, I'm happy that the overflowing fruits of capitalistic enterprise are so abundant in this country that a mediocre blogger armed with unearned privilege can find a way to pay for a $1.2 million home.

David Burge points out that with $1.2 million, a bleeding-heart progressive journolista could buy seven houses at the median US home price.  Or pay a greedy doctor to provide health care for poor people for the better part of decade. Or buy dinner for four at Sizzler Steakhouse for 30,000 hungry families.

But I'm happy for Matt.  And I'm glad that Matt has come to terms with the heartrending inequality of this cruel world well enough to luxuriate in his good fortune while writing sloppy, poorly-researched agitprop for the proles.

Now read this, the source of the title of this post: The 1% Progressive Bloggers Club and the Bourgeois Dialectic of Comrade Yglesias

H/T The Other McCain

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