Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The SwiftQuoting of Barack Obama

Poor Barack. He's been viciously SwiftQuoted. He spoke -- then his opponents quoted him. How viciously unfair!

Here's a roundup of some great reactions from the dextrosphere:

"These words were not delivered in tones of respect and 'We're all in this together,' camaraderie. They were meant to put people in their place."

"It’s a casual dismissal of what it takes to succeed mixed with a sense of entitlement to what entrepreneurs create, along with a tsk-tsk implication that they give nothing back despite the fact that they pay taxes."

Businesses pay taxes to build that infrastructure and run those schools, so they're not getting anything gratis.

William Jacobson:

"The entirety of Obama’s speech, and not just the sentence in question, articulated a collectivist approach advocated by Elizabeth Warren and others (more on that in a subsequent post) which focuses on individual indebtedness to government, which puts government at the center of who we are as a people.

"This is a debate we need to have."

William Teach:

"Whiny President Whines About People Talking About Him As He Talks About Other People"

Be sure to read the entirety of these posts!

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