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Primarying Utah's Progressive Republican, 36-Year Senator Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch
Gage Skidmore

"He's been there a long time, and with that length in service comes a lengthy record of expanding the scope and size of government."

-- Russ Walker, FreedomWorks to NPR April 12, 2012

Senator Hatch’s record includes the following (hat-tip Club for Growth):
  • Voted YES on TARP (RCV #213, 2008)
  • Voted YES to increase the debt limit at least five times (RCV #354, 2007; RCV #54, 2006; RCV #213, 2004; RCV #202, 2003; RCV #148, 2002)
  • Voted YES to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (RCV #157, 2008)
  • Voted YES on SCHIP (RCV #353, 2007) • Voted NO on defunding the Bridge to Nowhere (RCV #262, 2005), and supported billions of dollars in other wasteful earmark spending.
  • Voted YES on the Medicare drug benefit (RCV #459, 2003)
  • Voted YES on No Child Left Behind (RCV #371, 2001)
In 2009 Hatch also called Obama's budget "reckless" yet he joined a dozen or so of the GOP's most liberal senators in voting for the corresponding Obama budget appropriation bills.

Yah, this guy deserves to be out of a job...

Orrin Hatch embodies the worst things the Republican party represents: cronyism and backdoor deals, big government just slightly to the right of the Democrat agenda, and -- perhaps the worst -- a feigning mentality of elitism and power entitlement. The guy's been in Congress for 36 years!

Utah: You did it right last round with RINO Bob Bennet -- It's time to primary progressive Republican senator Orrin Hatch at your May, 2012 state convention.

Hatch's chief primary challenger at this point (4/14/2012) is a fella named Dan Liljenquist. FreedomWorks is supporting him but beyond that, I know nothing about him although I found this morning that the lamestream press has been spreading a Liljenquist can't win meme for a while now. More on Liljenquist later either per LCR or RightKlik.

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