Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dextrorotatory LinkyDoodles

Dextrorotatory: rotating the plane of light toward the right...

Today's hot topic: Conservative sex.

I thought Mark Steyn's thoughts on the subject were good enough, but it looks like conservative neurons are poppin' all over the sphere.


Adrienne: "Mr. Moran is free to live his life in any manner he desires. He can have as much sex or as little as he wants. He is even free to write drivel and call it 'science.' What he is not free to do is make me pay for his view of morality..."

Bob the Ape: "If they’re professional women and not on the dole, they can pay for their own contraception. If the rest of us are forced to pay for their contraception, it becomes our business."

Hack Wilson: "How scary. 'He's going to impose a THEOCRACY...' 'He believes in the Bible!' 'He believes a family should have a mother AND a father!' THE FREAKING HORROR!

Fuzzy Logic: All this whining about Santorum is simply insane. "Every political ideology requires varying degrees of 'social engineering,' and yes, that includes 'hands off' ideologies like libertarianism and conservatism."

American Power: "The administration's been aching for a fight on these issues, no doubt, as shown by President Obama's no-holds-barred program to ram through the contraceptive mandate against the wishes of Catholics and religious-minded voters. But also in evidence is the rise of Rick Santorum to the front of the GOP pack. Few predicted so prominent a trajectory for Santorum as recently as a couple of months ago."

WSJ: "From what I can find out about it, it wasn't a miscalculation. They knew that the Catholic Church and other believers were going to push back against this thing. . . . They were determined to push it through, because it's their irreplaceable ideological core. . . . The left keeps putting these issues into the mix, and they do it very deliberately, and I think they do it as a matter of principle."

Final thoughts:

Apparently conservatives are supposed to sit down, shut up and let totalitarian leftists ram their social-issue mandates down our throats (and our children's throats). And if we do this, we make way for lukewarm social "moderates" like Mitt Romney who will sell us out on our economic freedom as well.

No thanks.

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