Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Schooling Ron Paul on Taliban History

Some excellent points from Big Fur Hat at iOwnTheWorld:
Ron Paul keeps repeating his same old false information and his Hot Pocket Basement Brigade keep lapping it up with their 40 year-old virgin tongues...

"The relationship between the Taliban and al-Qaeda was one of the hot topics of Monday night’s presidential debate. Candidate Ron Paul downplayed the dangers of the Taliban, declaring the 'Taliban used to be our allies when we were fighting the Russians… The al-Qaeda wants to come here to kill us. The Taliban just says we don’t want foreigners.'

"The Taliban came on the scene in Afghanistan in 1994, several years after the Soviets departed. Taliban (which translates to “students”) were made up mainly of Afghan refugees who had grown up in Pakistan during Soviet rule in Afghanistan and attended Deobandi religious schools, where they learned a strict, puritanical form of Islam. While some of the current Taliban may have previously fought on the same side of the U.S. during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, it is inaccurate to say the Taliban as a movement was ever an ally of the United States."
Ron Paul's radical interpretation of Taliban history is disturbing enough, but let's back up and look at his quote again:

“The Taliban just says we don’t want foreigners.”

Yeah, who could blame them? The Taliban live in a paradise on earth!

Note how easily Paul relates to Taliban xenophobia. Peas in a pod.

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