Sunday, July 31, 2011

Of RINOs and Hobbits

For their demands for meaningful spending cuts under the weight of crushing debt, Tea Party activists have been showered with insults from an array of Republicans. Tea partiers have been called "worse than foolish," "unfair," "obtuse," "vain," and perhaps most puzzling, "hobbits."

Even conservative Thad McCotter says the "Time has come for the Tea Party to grow up."

I see all of this a bit differently.

Some Republicans are unprincipled, opportunistic RINOs ― and, yes, a few Tea Partiers are a bit naive and impatient.

But elder Republican statesmen who fancy themselves more sophisticated than the average Tea Partier would do well to demonstrate their level-headed maturity by educating and encouraging the Tea Party.

Republicans who instead endeavor to deride and demoralize the Tea Party are cowards and snobs.

In only two minutes and nine seconds, Mark Levin explains and analyses this story as well as anyone.



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