Monday, June 27, 2011

If Romney is the best the GOP has to offer, who needs the GOP?

Image credit hat tip: Margaret Thatcher via Mitt Romney

I'm truly sorry to say this, folks, but Willard Mitt Romney sucks lemons:
Collaboration in Massachusetts was possible, Romney told business leaders in Salem, because he didn’t attack lawmakers from the other party as “a bunch of Neanderthals.”…

“I worked with [former Massachusetts Sen.] Ted Kennedy, for Pete’s sakes,” Romney said in Concord, noting that they disagreed on “almost everything.”

One issue that Kennedy and Romney worked closely on was legislation expanding healthcare coverage in Massachusetts. He recalled, to laughter, that at the ceremonial signing of the Massachusetts healthcare law, the Democrat had joked that when he and Romney agreed on a piece of legislation “it proves only one thing – one of us didn’t read it.”

“The truth was we had both read it and we’d found some common ground,” Romney said, “and I think that has to happen in Washington.”
Old Uncle Ted was right. As a purported alternative to statist busybodies like Teddy Kennedy and Barney Frank, Willard Mitt had no business signing the prototype for Obamacare into law. But Romney is proud to say that he did, and the subsequent failures of RomneyCare are well documented.

As America hobbles away from the legislative fallout of the Democrats' supermajority control of Washington, two thirds of the voters see that the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction.

What's wrong? The biggest problem facing America today is the malignant growth of government. (Our withering economy is perhaps the most notable symptom of that problem.)

The last thing the Republican Party needs is a nominee for the President of the United States who reflects fondly on his cozy affiliation with the patron saint of metastatic government and who looks forward to playing footsie with congressional Democrats.

I have news for Mitt Romney: The Tip O'Neills of 2011 are no longer members of the Democrat Party.


Hardcore liberal progressive Obamacare-loving statists love Romneycare. Naturally.

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