Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

By Lilac Sunday

It is not a Holiday Tree. It is a Christmas Tree.

As a Member of the Tribe, I appreciate that you try to spare my feelings of those of my fellow unbelievers during this very festive time. It is gracious of you to try to make us feel included in the festivities by papering over language that might otherwise appear to exclude us.

Now cut it out. The celebration of the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ is nearly upon you, be joyful!

I am not offended by the fact that you are celebrating a holiday and I am not. I'm probably still recovering from Eight Crazy Nights anyway, so please pass the eggnog.

But most importantly, and what makes me smile at every Christmas Tree I pass, is this:
A Christmas Tree on government property is the most powerful symbol of freedom the world has ever known.
A Christmas Tree symbolizes the deeply-held beliefs and traditions of the overwhelming majority of the American people. These beliefs exist independent of government influence, are not enforced by any law enforcement agency, and are wholly optional.

I could walk down the street with an electric Menorah on my head without jeopardizing my ability to work, vote, or own property. Someone might hand me a pamphlet, but no one is going to kick down my door.

In a government of, by, and for the People, I can reject the People's God and suffer absolutely no adverse consequences.

This is tremendous.

This is freedom.

This is America.

Merry Christmas.

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