Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Sean Bielat (R-MA)

One of the most powerful Democratic members of Congress is Barney Frank. Frank has been in Congress for nearly 30 years currently representing Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District. Since the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2007, Frank has chaired the House Financial Services Committee and is far too cozy with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. He opposed efforts to attempt to reform Freddie and Fannie back in the early 2000's stating as recently as 2008 that, "I think this is a case where Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally sound, that they are not in danger of going under. They’re not the best investments these days from the long-term standpoint going back. I think they are in good shape going forward." Obviously, he was mistaken.

Frank has won by large margins in the past being that he's an incumbent in a seemingly safe district. Then the 2009 US Senate special happened and Senator Scott Brown (R) won Frank's district. Now - who can capitalize on the changing dynamic of this district? None other than Sean Bielat.

Bielat is a 35 year old former US Marine who holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Currently an independent business consultant, Bielat previously oversaw a $100 million defense robotics program at iRobot Corporation. Bielat has experience as a proven leader in both the private sector and in the military.

Bielat stands firm on the issues. He supports Constitutional governance stating, "The United States is a country founded a set of ideas--ideas enshrined in our Constitution. Our public officials and military personnel take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but too many politicians in DC seem to have forgotten the oath that they took and the responsibilities entailed in that oath." He supports extending the Bush tax cuts. He opposes cap and trade. He opposes Obamacare saying very bluntly, "The massive health care bill recently signed by the President cannot and will not solve our health care issues."

On economic growth, Bielat rightly points out that it's the private sector that creates wealth in this country. Bielat said, "Real economic growth is driven by businesses working to compete and grow in the free market. Government cannot create jobs (aside from government jobs); only business can create jobs and sustainable economic growth. We need policies that enable small businesses to thrive and large businesses to grow and hire more employees. Reducing the burden of corporate income tax rates, employer mandates and unnecessary regulation will create the conditions for businesses and the economy to grow."

On defecit reduction? Bielat said:

Short-term political decisions over the past few decades have created unsustainable budget obligations that politicians have been unwilling to address. Band-aid solutions, like President Obama’s, won’t work. We need real solutions.

Discretionary spending (including Defense) makes up 40% of the federal budget. We must make cuts to this spending (e.g., reducing budgets for non-core agencies, tightening defense procurement processes, reducing headcount across agencies, etc.). However, cuts to discretionary spending will only take us so far.

60% of the budget consists of mandatory entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) and interest payments on the federal debt. This means that cuts in discretionary spending alone will not come close to eliminating the deficit.

This type of pro-growth platform is a breath of fresh air out of Massachusetts and will help turn out country around financially.

Bielat seems to be making ground on Frank - after avoiding the first scheduled debate, Frank actually showed up to the second debate. The result? Local news sources say that Bielat held his own against long-term Congressman Frank - he even threw Frank off his game from time to time. That's the type of candidate we need in a difficult district against such an intrenched incumbent. Bielat has the fire in his belly to take Frank down.

He's also using innovating approaches to campaigning - making extensive use of Twitter, reaching out directly to bloggers, and holding an online video contest for supporters. Bielat has a web-savvy missing from too many Republican candidates...a web-savvy that can't be missing any longer by any candidate for public office.

Want to learn more? Check out Bielat's official website here. Want to help his campaign? Consider a donation or buy some Bielat merchandise.


RightKlik said...

Thanks for the post! I think Sean will win.

Matt said...

That is a good candidate. It would be a wonderful thing to retire Bwarney!