Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Charles Lollar (R-MD)

Maryland's 5th Congressional district is where the House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer (D), currently resides. Hoyer is a liberal's liberal - 2% National Taxpayers Union, 100% Planned Parenthood, Citizens Against Government Waste 7% lifetime average, and 100% from AFL-CIO. He currently resides in a generally more Democratic leaning district - but this year, of all years, he can be beaten. There is an enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans, thankfully the Republicans have one of the most energetic and enthusiastic candidates in MD-05 - Charles Lollar.

Want to see energy? Want to see a man who can articulate conservative values in an inspiring fashion? Check out his YouTube channel - because you find that in Charles Lollar. Lollar is a 39 year old, black, Marine veteran and Tea Party activist. He's a father of 4 and currently the General Manager for Cintas, a facility services corporation. He's currently a Marine Corp Reservist.

Lollar loves this country, has a great platform, and a lot of great things to say. Check out his speech at the March on Annapolis in January 2010. In August, I was able to get an interview with Lollar and as I expected - he has great things to say. On Obamacare, Lollar said,
Recently passed health reform is a game-changer for American freedoms. As a massive expansion of the federal government role in individual health care, individual and doctor choice in health-care options are being given to government. Mr. Hoyer would go to the mat to protect a women’s right to choose to end a pregnancy but contrarily give government the right to decide on hip-replacement surgery. I would restore consumer choices in health care so that patients, consulting their doctors, make the health decisions. We must also restore choice in health plans. Under the new law, we will not be able to keep our current plans, as promised, because the government will decide what is good enough for you. Both the young and old are harmed: the young by being forced into health-care insurance with rates that will subsidize the middle class; and the elderly by cutting into Medicare funds toward the same end. Reforms were passed against the wishes of the people and, since, support has seen steady decline. There is broad support to overturn this unconstitutional intrusion in our personal business.
On transparency:
I would most importantly be accountable to the voters of the fifth district. These voters are my bosses. Every quarter I will hold a town hall in every county of my district. During those town halls I will post my voting record behind me so that everyone can see it and question me on why, or why not, I supported a bill. They must know, and will know, what I am doing in Washington. I will also use these town hall meetings to tap the rich wisdom of my constituents. Every meeting will be open to all as opposed to Mr Hoyer’s recent town hall where he selected those who could hear what their public representative had to say on the public’s business from those who could no. I will not practice such egregious secretive practices.
On abortion:
This is polarizing issue where the constituents of Maryland’s fifth district hold strong views. They should know that, in running to represent them, my view is pro-life. I will carry that perspective with me in policy and legislative matters where any aspect of this question is in play. I hold that my constituent’s interests are best served by defending the right to life at, not just the beginning, but the end of life as well. On this basis, I will seek to move forward. The real battle is for the heart to make positive and correct choices to include abstinence, bearing children in marriage, and adoption.
Lollar is an energizing candidate that I know listening to him speak - gets me excited for November. He electrifies a crowd with his speaking style and if anyone is going to have an amazing upset this fall - it will be Charles Lollar.

Since Hoyer's district has been gerrymandered - he's had token opposition garnering 25-30% of the vote. This is the time to defeat Steny Hoyer - and Charles Lollar can do it. There are few candidates running this year who excite me as much as Charles Lollar - both with his message, his way of speaking, and the future of conservatism that he represents. If you want to learn more - check out his YouTube channel and his official website. Want to help out? Volunteer or donate. Let's help get this man into Congress and let's change this country for the better.

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