Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: 1 Week Until Election Summary

Hey All - it's Matthew Newman from Old Line Elephant here. Instead of my usual article highlighting a particular candidate, with one week out I'm here to go through and provide a summary of all the wonderful candidates that we've profiled in this forum (who won their primary). Check out these candidates and consider a donation to their campaigns:
  • Marlin Stutzman - IN-03 - Marlin Stutzman is a 34 year old conservative farmer and State Senator. He came in 2nd place in the US Senate primary and when the incumbent Representative Souder (R) resigned, Stutzman was tapped to replace him on the ballot in the general election. Stutzman is a solid candidate in the right district.

  • Chris Gibson - NY-20 - Chris Gibson is perhaps one of the most qualified candidates running for Congress this year. Colonel Gibson is a 24 year Army veteran who has a PhD in Government and served one of his tours teaching American Politics at West Point. Gibson is up against "conservative" Democratic incumbent Scott Murphy - who voted often with Nancy Pelosi. Gibson recently surged ahead in polling.

  • Jeff Duncan - SC-03 - Duncan is a state legislator with solid conservative credentials. He's been supported by RedState and the Club for Growth throughout the primary and general election. He's an all around pro-life conservative who has received high markes from conservative groups. He's a perfect fit in this open seat and will make a welcome addition to the 2011 GOP Freshman class.

  • Joe Miller - AK-SEN - Joe Miller is a giant slayer, taking down incumbent US Senator Lisa Murkowski in the primary for US Senate. He's an and attorney who served as State Magistrate, Superior Court Master for the Fourth Judicial District, Acting State District Court Judge, and as U.S. Magistrate Judge in Fairbanks. He comes with a solidly conservative record / platform. He is also a US Army veteran who served in the First Gulf War, receiving a Bronze Star for his leadership. Miller has some recent setbacks - but is well poised to win.

  • Sean Duffy - WI-07 - Duffy may be a former cast member on the Real World: Boston back in the mid-nineties, but he's more well known locally as the successful Ashland County District Attorney, boasting a 90% success rate. He also served for 6 years on the State Parloe Board. Duffy comes with great credentials and a public presence / skill with media that's sorely needed by the Republican Party.

  • Jay Townsend - NY-SEN - Townsend is in the battle of the decade against incumbent US Senator Chuck Schumer. Schumer is perhaps one of the most liberal members of the upper deliberative body and he needs to be beaten. Townsend is a political consultant / business owner who has the right platform and clever viral marketing that hopefully will surprise the incumbent in the general.

  • John Dennis - CA-08 - Dennis is going up against Nancy Pelosi...directly. He's in an uphill battle, but he's fighting hard. He recently gained the respect and endorsement from Ralph Nader's 2008 running mate (yes a Green Party member) and former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzales. If anyone is going to defeat Nancy Pelosi, it's going to be Dennis. I think he can pull it off.

  • Van Tran - CA-47 - Tran is a State Legislator up against incumbent Representative Loretta Sanchez. Sanchez is a former Republican representing a conservative leaning district. Sanchez also made racially insensitive comments claiming that the Vietnamese were trying to steal her seat - why? Because Van Tran is Vietnamese-American. Sanchez is scared of Tran and we should be excited that he might pull off the win.

  • Marcelo Cardarelli - MD-02 - My home district of MD-02 is currently represented by former Baltimore County Executive Dutch Ruppersberger. He's being challenged by Argentinian Doctor Marcelo Cardarelli. Cardarelli is a world reknowned doctor who, along with another doctor, separated conjoined twins. Cardarelli has seen socialism firsthand in Argentina and knows that it doesn't work - he wants to help fix Washington. It's a tough battle against such a well known opponent, but I'm starting to see Dutch actually advertise on television, he didn't 2 years ago. Maybe he knows something we don't and an upset is possible.

  • Glen Urquhart - DE-AL - Urquhart has the thankless job of fighting to retain the At-Large Congressional District in Delaware. Defeating a more moderate opponent in the primary, Urquhart stands on conservative principles and can espouse them passionately. He's a small business owner with great ideas for our nation - and the right platform in the right year.

  • Rick Hellberg - PA-02 - Hellberg is a business owner who has a solid conservative background running against the man who wants to tax each and every one of your bank transactions, Chakah Fattah. While Fattah hasn't gained ground yet - do we really want to give him the opportunity when he can be replaced with such a better candidate?

  • Sean Bielat - MA-04 - Barney Frank better fear Marine veteran Sean Bielat. He's a solid candidate who's fighing hard to take one of the Districts that Scott Brown won during his historic US Senate win last year. Bielat is just the man to take on long time tax and spender Barney Frank.
  • Charles Lollar - MD-05 - Lollar is an energetic young candidate running against an incumbent who's been in office for far too long. If anyone can take down Steny Hoyer, our House Majority Leader, it's Lollar.

Check out our profiles on each of these candidates and, if you find ones you like - donate. If you live in their district, consider volunteering. Any help to get these people elected could make all the difference. This year we have the opportunity to replace status quo tax and spenders with real, principled candidates who put country over self. Let's work together and make it happen.


RightKlik said...

Great rundown in the final sprint to the ultimate Tea Party.

richard mcenroe said...

Let me add Merlin Froyd, running to take out Howard Berman in the CA 28th. Merlin started with nothing but shoe leather and now he has a killer ground game, billboards, banner campaigns, commercials in the local theatres... his opponent, Berman, is a 28 year DC insider and rock solid vote for Pelosi, so he's gotta go.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am on my way to Lollars district this afternoon. Would just love to see Hoyer get kicked to the curb.

Z said...

If we take COngress, I'll be finding you and planting a BIG kiss RIGHT on your FOREHEAD!
And I"ll take a lipstick and write there "RK DID IT!"
I'm not as optimistic as I was 2 weeks ago but we can hope and pray!

The Conservative Lady said...

I saw Sean Bielat on "Hannity", last night. It would be great to see him beat Barney.
Good luck to all of the candidates!

Matthew Newman said...

These are some great candidates and if each one of them gets elected - I'd be happy as a clam.

Great to see people coming down to MD to help out Lollar. He's an amazing speaker and an amazing candidate. If a young, black, outsider Republican can take out an old, white establishment Democrat in Maryland - that would be a shot heard 'round the world.