Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Van Tran (R-CA)

by Matthew Newman

Loretta Sanchez is a "blue dog" Democrat from California who was a Republican up until she got elected to Congress in 1996 from California's 47th Congressional District. In fact, in 1994, Sanchez ran as a Republican for Anaheim City Council. When first elected, Sanchez won by less then 1,000 votes and, as it turned out, a number of those votes were cast illegally. Her initial election is still questioned by many. While labeling herself a "blue dog" Democrat, her votes have told a different story consistently receiving low marks from fiscally conservative watchdogs and high marks from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. The Republicans need a solid candidate to take down this "blue dog." Enter Van Tran.

Tran first came to the United States from Vietnam in 1975. He and his family were evacuated from Saigon by the US Army a week prior to its fall. His family moved first to Michigan and then settled in Orange County. Tran became active in politics college and interned for Congressman Robert Dornan, the Republican Loretta Sanchez replaced in 1996. Tran served as a lawyer with his own private practice before running for Vice-Mayor of Garden Grove - he won, with the most votes in the history of its City Council elections. Later, Tran was elected to the General Assembly and has served the people well since. Tran was the first Vietnamese-American elected to the California State Assembly.

Van Tran is a member of the California State Assembly with solid marks from pro-life and fiscally conservative groups. Examples: 100% from Life Priority Network in 2009; 0% from NARAL & Planned Parenthood in 2009; 100% rating from the California Taxpayers' Association from 2005 to 2008; 100% rating from California Chamber of Commerce from 2006 to 2009 (he received a 92% from them in 2005). While he doesn't have detailed stances on the issues on his website - his record pretty much speaks for itself. Tran would be a welcome addition to Congress with a solid, pro-growth record.

Tran has a compelling story which could resonate among voters, but he needs your help. While his opponent is spending time at the Playboy Mansion, Tran is out working for the people and needs our support. If you'd like to learn more - check out his official website. Please, consider a donation. Tran is looking to raise $5,000 by September 18th - let's help him beat that number.

UPDATE 09/07/10 03:37 PM: Recent polling data shows Tran within striking distance of Sanchez. In fact, he's within the margin of error. More details over at Real Clear Politics. Tran can win!


RightKlik said...

Great information. Thanks for the post!

Just a conservative girl said...

real clear politics has this race as a toss up. That is encouring.

Matthew Newman said...

Thanks for letting me post this here. I've been trying to jump from State to State looking for solid candidates, but after Neil Stevens profiled Tran, I had to delve deeper. He's a great candidate who, if well funded, could give Sanchez a run for her money.

Anonymous said...

We are being lied to and are very tired of it. In November 2010, this will start to "change"!