Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Marcelo Cardarelli (R-MD)

I currently reside in Maryland's 2nd Congressional District. It may very well be one of the more gerrymandered districts in the nations. Want proof? Here's a map. I'm currently represented by former Baltimore County Executive Dutch Ruppersberger. As County Executive, Ruppersberger tried to use eminent domain to redevelop county land and since being in Congress he has received high marks from pro-choice groups, pro-welfare groups, and liberal groups. His low grades were in pro-life and fiscally conservative groups. After a 5-way Republican primary, the winner was Dr. Marcelo Cardarelli - I feel good about our chances.

Cardarelli is an Argentinan born medical doctor who "...in 2002...became a proud American citizen." Cardarelli is a highly recognized medical doctor who co-founded the World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery. Currently, Cardarelli is a faculty member at the University of Maryland Baltimore and currently is the President of the Faculty Senate. A quick review of his medical career is incredibly impressive - caring for children with congenital heart defects, separating conjoined twins, and has been invited for international surgical trips to Argentina, Cuba, and Colombia. According to Dr. Cardarelli it provided him with "...a rare firsthand experience on the inner-workings of socialized medicine." An experience, he did not approve of.

In April, I interviewed Dr. Cardarelli. On taxes
Presently, our tax code is complicated, unfair and full of loopholes. So complex that even the head of the IRS used a tax consultant to file his taxes this year.

Although the current administration will deny it, I suspect changes to our tax code are coming after November. We need to be alert. There are basically two fair alternatives to the current system. One way to simplify would be the implementation of a VAT combined with a repeal of the 16th Amendment (to abolish income taxes). The alternative would be a Flat Tax rate. Both have advantages and disadvantages and we could debate those. What we need to oppose for sure is the implementation of a VAT on top of the current income tax scheme. That would be catastrophic for the economy.

One last point on tax reform, China, a communist country, doesn’t have taxes on capital gains, but we do. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that picture?
On our future
When I talk about our children and grandchildren, I am trying to convey how worried I am about the future. I do not want my children to become immigrants looking for a brighter future. I already paid that price. Not only I do believe, but actually know from my past experiences, that without a Balanced Budget Amendment, Fair tax reform, Healthcare cost reform, Social Security and Medicare funding revision and a plan to reduce the size of our Federal Debt ($13T) the future generations will inherit a very different America.
On Obamacare
Repeal and Replace with a better piece of legislation is key. The current bill does nothing (despite claims on the contrary) to address the bigger problem, which is COSTS. Today, 46% of every dollar spent on healthcare comes from government. After this law, we will pass the 50% mark. Without cost containment there is no sustainable healthcare.

Cardarelli comes from within the field of medicine and knows the dangers of socialized medicine. He has seen it firsthand and can explain the problems inherent in Obamacare. In addition to his impressive background and solid platform, Dr. Cardarelli is clever and quick witted (see the GOP candidate debate audio for great examples). Cardarelli is a great candidate against a flawed incumbent. This is a winnable race - and Cardarelli is the man for the job. Check out his website or watch this video interview if you'd like to learn more. If you like what you see, please consider a donation to his campaign. His opponent is well funded and any support you can provide him will help us take back this district and help create a red Maryland.


RightKlik said...

Thanks, great post. Interesting biography.

Linda said...

He sounds like he has some good answers to our problems. I hope he wins, and that a lot of our current problems can be fixed!

Matthew Newman said...

Thanks Linda. I live in this district and I know, it's going to be a challenge. But, Cardarelli's up for the challenge - and has a great story to tell voters.