Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Glen Urquhart (R-DE)

by Matthew Newman

While the nation continues to focus their attention on Christine O'Donnell, we're ignoring the sleeper race in Delaware, the At-Large Statewide Congressional seat. Like the US Senate seat, this is an open race in which, frankly, anything can happen. On the Democratic side is failed Gubernatorial candidate / former Lieutenant Governor John Carney. Carney is a Democratic Obamacare supporter who helped build socialized healthcare on a State level. After a hard fought primary, the Republicans selected Glen Urquhart as their nominee. Urquhart is a solid candidate - and he can win.

Urquhart has an interesting background in business. He is the President of Urquhart & Company, which manages investments and creates value in real estate. From 1982 to 1994, he chaired the National Capital Planning Commission - appointed first by Reagan then by Bush (41). The married grandfather of 13, has a background in finance and is a former pilot. Urquhart has an interesting background that provide him with good insight for a Congressional candidate. He has seen what business regulations and business taxes have done to the economy first hand as a business owner for decades. He has seen the pros and cons of each style of federal governance and can explain that well on the stump.

Want proof? Check out his first ad introducing his candidacy. It's straight to the point explaining his background and how he wants to serve the people. It's a good ad introducing Urquhart, a relative unknown, to the general public. On his basic principles - Urquhart said,
  • God gives "inalienable rights." "In God We Trust," not in big government. This isn't religion, it's reality. Our Founders knew nations collapsed by creating entitled "rights." Entitlements create more takers than producers, cause unsustainable debts, and drive away Jobs.
  • Restore Liberty from Big Government shackling our economy with Taxes and Regulations, to release innovators and investors to create JOBS
  • America is good. We should not apologize or bow to foreign despots.
  • Constitutional respect by Congress, is fundamental to freedom and prosperity. Unconstitutional deals for unions destroyed the auto and other industries. The rule of law is essential to innovation, investment and Jobs creation.
  • Enterprises freed from taxes and regulations create Jobs.
On creating jobs and economic growth, Urquhart said,

Overspending increases Debts and/or Taxes and destroys jobs and America’s ability to compete and win. Cutting taxes and reducing the size of government is the answer to restoring investors’, innovators’ and employers’ trust in America. They’ll put the hundreds of billions of dollars, currently frozen by fear, back to work in our economy. Jobs will be created and GDP will grow. History is on our side. Calvin Coolidge, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan all prove that reducing taxes grows the economy.

Urquhart is currently behind by 11%, but I still believe he can win. Urquhart currently has minimal name recognition and is still polling at 37% post-primary with the former Lieutanant Governor still under 50%. He has a vast electorate to help introduce to him - and I think his personal story can resonate among voters. That - and while everyone is focusing on the US Senate race, Urquhart has the opportunity to go straight to the voters while the Democrats ignore this seemingly easy pickup. Urquhart can, conceivably, slip under the radar.

If you'd like to learn more about Urquhart, check out his official website here. If you like what you see, consider a donation to his campaign. Also, check back to Old Line Elephant in the future for an interview with Urquhart.

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