Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Jay Townsend (R-NY)

Chuck Schumer is a menace to conservatives everywhere. He's one of the most powerful Democrats in the US Senate and, if Reid loses reelection, will most certainly be on track to become the US Senate Majority Leader or Minority Leader, depending on the Democrats' vote total post-2010. Schumer is incredibly liberal on all the major issues and won reelection in 2006 by the largest margin of any candidate in NYS history. That's scary. The Republicans and Conservatives (big C) need to be united in New York in order to take on this monster of a candidate. The Republican Party decided to endorse Gary Berntsen at their nominating convention. The problem? A) The Conservative Party of New York did not also support this candidate, making it difficult in the fall (see Howard Mills in 2004) and B) he may not even be registered to vote in New York. Luckily, primary voters have an alternative to Mr. Bernsten - Jay Townsend.

Jay Townsend is a political consultant who literally wrote the book on how to run for public office. Literally - you can purchase a 7 DVD set that teaches you a lot of the basics for setting up your campaign for office. Townsend has a wealth of experience as a business owner, legislative aide, and as a political consultant. This makes him an interesting candidate. His website is slick - standing out and grabbing your attention with information / details on the candidate. He also extensively uses social media, including Twitter and YouTube, to get his message out there in clever ways.

But - that doesn't tell you much about him as a candidate or his stances on the issues. All this tells you is that he's a slick talker with an eye for social media. His endorsement by the Conservative Party of New York and the fact that he garnered enough support at the GOP Convention to force a primary should tell you that he's a serious contender. His stances on the issues defy those of traditional New York candidates who run from conservatism. Note: Schumer's seat was formally held by conservative US Senator Al D'Amato who barely lost the seat to Schumer in 1998. Townsend said the following on healthcare
Washington’s ruling elite, in their mad rush to emulate the European health care system, ignored far more sensible approaches to increasing access to affordable insurance. Instead Congress created a new entitlement that this nation cannot afford and that will ultimately lead to price controls and health care rationing.

Although I will vote to repeal this monstrosity, I do believe in and will fight for health insurance reform and measures that, if enacted, will increase access to health insurance at affordable prices. I have just signed the Club for Growth’s “Repeal It!” Pledge. The pledge states, “I hereby pledge to the people of my state upon my election to the U.S. Senate, to sponsor and support legislation to repeal any federal health care takeover passed on 2010, and replace it with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government.”

Free and unfettered competition in the marketplace will do more to improve access to quality health care than any of the statist models considered or enacted by the current Congress.
On Energy?
I oppose the Waxman-Markey cap and trade scheme, and will work to defeat it on the floor of the Senate.

The answer to reclaiming energy independence lies not in restricting the choices available to America’s energy producers and consumers, but in expanding them. America was built on innovation and exploration, and Congress should encourage both. We can and should increase domestic supplies of energy by making more federal land available for oil exploration. Because of advances in technology, it is possible for companies to drill in ecologically friendly ways. In the barren terrain of Alaska, for example, studies show that we could draw the rough equivalent of 20 years’ worth of imports from Saudi Arabia, and perhaps tens of billions more barrels of oil in unexplored parts of the Alaskan tundra. We should also begin drilling, in an ecologically conscious manner, off our coasts. We should cut the regulatory red tape that has significantly reduced the use of nuclear power – one of the cleanest, safest, most affordable sources of energy.

And unlike some Republicans in New York - Townsend has fully embraced the Tea Party movement saying. "The momentum and energy of the TEA Party is inspirational to watch and I’ve enjoyed having this front row seat to history in the making."

Townsend is a dynamic speaker with great ideas, a great platform, cross-endorsement from the Conservative Party (which is a must for Republicans in New York), and is cleverly using new media to get his message across. Townsend needs our support so he can take on the millions of dollars that Chuck Schumer will undoubtedly throw at him in the general election. Townsend has some great in-state endorsements, but out of state groups need to participate if we plan to take on Schumer. Schumer is a giant, but while he'll activate if engaged, he may stay quiet while the GOP fights the apparently weaker Kirstin Gillibrand. We can not ignore this race. It will have national implications and Schumer's power must be curbed.

If you'd like to learn more, check out his official website here and please, consider donating to his campaign.

Update (via RightKlik):

I like this... Townsend mocks Senator Schumer...


Z said...

You must be THE most informed voter ON THE PLANET this year..thanks for all you do, RK..
And kiss your little girl from me! :-)

Matthew Newman said...

We need to be hyper-informed this year. There are great candidates across the country who are not getting the attention they deserve. Townsend just happens to be one of them.

RightKlik said...

Hi Z! Thanks for stopping by. Matthew Newman wrote this great post. He's been keeping us up to date on rock-solid candidates who don't yet have the name recognition they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spotlight on Jay Townsend. He's a breath of fresh air in the stagnant political atmosphere of NY. A man who can do what he has done with his mere $16,000 (versus Schumer and his millions) is a man who understands fiscal responsibility.